The Drift of Connection

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The longest Ive taken on a song to complete. This has a friend playing guitar and me doing everything else. This is not 100% complete. Would like to try some new things on this peice but for now, Im content. Yes, this does have my horrible voice on here. Lyrics below. Would LOVE some feedback. This song is about the perception of love I think people should have because we live in a world of fake love and beauty and dont know what to love or enjoy anymore.
ENJOY! Long pause in beginning.

Your heart might hold you down
Subdoing your love unto this crown
Your bleeding heart persists
Dashing through a field that doesnt exist

A sailing reflection
Catching the drift of connection

Logic sometimes stays at bay
The mind helps the ying-yang find its way
That body, a secondary cause
You two meet minds and you have to pause

A sailing reflection
Catching the drift of connection

You must look past the core
This illusion of beauty
Ignore the whore everyone galores
Even if hate pursues thee

Meeting one's mind to explore
The world's parody of love
I hope for something more
One to perceive the strangling of


Yay for Indie!

My favorite parts were the guitar picking at 4:30, and the guitar solo. Another aspect of the song that I like a lot is how your voice sounds like the guy from Interpol's. Great band, if you haven't check them out, do it.

There were times where the music sounded really post-rocky, something like Explosions in the Sky, which i also liked quite a bit. Only problem is, like that kinda music, it can drag on and get a little tiresome. One thing I'd suggest (and I don't expect you to follow, but its just a small suggestion) would be to include some sound effects to fill the gaps where your voice isn't singing. Reading the lyrics "A sailing reflection, Catching the drift of connection", I'd put in the sound of an ocean, just to give it that extra hint of mystery and metaphor. you can tweak it ever so slightly by adding an echo effect (a faster echo, with a mildly short decay).

Anyways, good job man and thanks for the review on my song :)

djt820 responds:

GREAT review man! I love the tips. That ocean idea is a great idea. Im gonna have to remix this song sometime and follow that idea. Also, that picking around 4:30 is actually a synth Sitar. =P Im also gonna have to look up those bands you mentioned. Cant imagine someone else singing like me. Theyre doing something wrong. Haha. Thanks again for the review man!

Really cool song.

The music production was pretty awesome dude. I dug the song a great deal.
It's always a great turn out when you put your real feelings in it.
The voice isn't horrible. Could use a few things, It does have the right amount of reverb on it, to convey the emptyness.

I think with some compression, to keep it all at the same level might help, and you seemed a little unsure of yourself on the notes. Almost as though you were a bit scared to really bellow it. Then the compression would tone it down, and it might help you be more stable with the notes. The other option is running the vocals through autotune. Not a bad thing. A lot of people use it.

Either way, man. I really dug this song a lot. You did a great job, and the solo was pretty fitting and well done as well.

If you wanted, you could email me the music track and your vocal track and I could mess around with it. But only if you wanted. Anyways, awesome.

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3.35 / 5.00 (+ 0.73) with my 5.

djt820 responds:

Thanks alot for the input Bad Man. The vocals were quite a task. I might re-do the vocals along with the bass later in the future but I would love to see what you can do with it. Singing, for me, is quite difficult because I cant sing too loud because of where I live and when I sing certain notes, my voice cracks (Damn adolescent me). Im not good at using a compressor either because I did use one but it didnt help much. I'll PM you both tracks right now though. Thanks again.

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