NS - Deceived (Swobb Style)

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My second EVER vocal project. So don't be too harsh. I added lots of reverb, as suggested by
The-Bad-Man-Incorporated, have I used to much??

This is recorded with a rockband microphone so you'll have to live with the quality.

The music is deathkllr84's awesome track 'Deceived'. He's a beast! Check out of some of his tracks, they're all awesome.
Here's his page:
http://deathkllr84.newgro unds.com/
Check him out, SERIOUSLY!! He's a god!

As for the lyrics, here they are:

You betrayed me,
You betrayed the world,
You left me to wither and die.
You left me in the dark and cold of night
With no chance to escape

You deceived everyone on this god forsaken world
You've got no soul
You've got no heart
I can't afford to see you anymore
I can't have you in my life

You ruined my life
You destroyed what was true

You deceived me,
You deceived the world,
You just killed everyone,
Death engulfs the earth
In your hands.
There's Nothing to counter act the pain

Stay Metal \m/

.). (
/ /\ \


getting there

both schlief and dk84 have left some very good feedback... dunno if i need to add much.

yeah, the mic thing... i use a "large diaphragm condenser mic" they're really sensitive... i mean, i stand about an arm's length from the mic and am still sometimes too close. Using one of those really gets the true sound of your voice into the mix... look into it, they're not cheap and you generally need "phantom power" to run them.

like schlief said... there's glimpses of your "real" metal voice coming through... but often falls away to a sort of whisper. It will come in time... practise and a bit of pain. It's all good!

keep it up bro

netty-swobb responds:

He, i would buy a new mic, buuuut, i just bought a £1700 drum kit so i'm not in very god shape to buy one, :P. My rock band mic will have to do for now :P.

Thanks \m/!

Ho-ho-holy mother of god

DUDE! I think you found your calling. This absolutely fucking INSANE!! I'm a huge fan of deathkiller, hell, better than nothing is my ring tone, and you fucking killed it. Just gotta get a better mic, and damn...

Fucking killer bro, high five and cheers, it sounds really really good.


netty-swobb responds:

Awesome thanks dude!!!

cool man

Pretty cool, nice lyrics. You should use a compressor on your vocals, it'll make them all the same level. Ask TwilightNecrosis about that stuff, he knows way more than should be allowed about vocal mixing. Badman should be able to give you some advice too, he does some crazy good vocal work.


netty-swobb responds:

Will do. Starting my next vocal thing soon. This one may have may friends singing clean vox on the chorus as I can't sing clean for fuck. But thanks for the advice and who to talk to \m/!


now this was interesting. pretty impressive for a second project. i like the style, but there's still alot of room for improvement. first of you need quite alot more power, at least in some passages. your tone sometimes goes down to a whisper, which makes a pretty bad contrast to the stronger passages. you should work abit on your breathing, and fill your lungs with more air for the longer passages. not sure about your technique, but make sure you don't restrain yourself. i'd take a step away from the mic and just let it all out. also remember to never change your voice or try to sound like someone else, that always turns out bad.

the reverb is nice, keep it around that level, fits the style nicely. the timing is also good, it all flows along well to the song. they actual lyrics are pretty plain though, but they do what they're suposed to do.

all in all, this is a pretty fucking kickass performance, being only your second project. but try to get a decent distance to the mic and give the vox more power. if you find it hard, then you should perhaps concider changing your technique a bit. don't be afraid to experiment. and remember to take pauses if your throat hurts, and drink alot. it'll all come with practice. good work, keep this up and you'll be making awesome vocals in no time - the potential is there, no doubt about it \m/

netty-swobb responds:

I will definalely try hold the mic further away and shiz.

He, the way do it doesn't hurt my throat, tis all good :D

Thanks dude!! \m/

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