>>As If (Acoustic)<<

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rock blues post-break-up power ballad grungy depressed acoustic punk song... solo acoustic.


Grungy as ever.

The guitar on this song sounds really good, I like it very much. The way you scream really reminds me of Billy Corgan. What do you use for recording? 'Cause I really want to know and get on with making some better music with better quality.

This one seems so personal to you that when I'm listening to it, it feels almost like I'm not supposed to hear this, like i'm eavesdropping. The only problem for me is that this beautiful song is maybe turning even a little too ugly towards the ending. But can't help but love the "not even if you paid me to" :D If you're going to make a plugged version of this I will be here praising it.

Gunshy responds:

lol billy corgan... i used to be able to sing exactly like him along with the pumpkins albums. i found myself doing that a lot, singing like the singer instead of like how i might sing the song. it helped, practicing to sing with my own voice along with pumpkins songs and of course nirvana.
it does get ugly at the end. maybe i was overcome with emotion, or like i subconsciously know it's been too "pretty" so far, even with my broke-ass voice... idk.
i will definitely be making a plugged version of this! :) i recorded this as a test of the new acoustic/electric, and of the song itself, just to hear how it really sounds, how i really sound, alone, at whisper and fever pitch, transitions, feedback, et cetera...
thanks for the praise, er... future praise...?


>>Maybe you're going through a different period?-SilverGuitar
I'm sorry I have to point this out, I'm still a 14 year old...

Definitely sadder than other songs you've written, and it somehow reminded me of Atom Heart Mother, mixed with Alice In Chains Unplugged. But still with the 'Gunshy Twist' that makes it *that* much better

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Gunshy responds:

thank you
the 'gunshy twist' that's funny


Very different from the rest of your other songs, tempo, atmosphere, lyrics, structure, mood, and whatnot. The rest of your songs are definitely sad, but kind of a pissed of angry I hate you all type sad.
Maybe you're going through a different period?
Nonetheless, this was pretty good, although the flow was a bit choppy due to the guitar being mainly an accessory to the vocals.
Still very moody. I liked it, and I don't like ballads that much.

Gunshy responds:

"a bit choppy" yes, exactly, right where the music break comes to a crashing halt at the final verse i swear i can hear a car crash when i play it
i like to think of this song as an anti-ballad, because most seem to be about bringing the significant other closer, or wishing he/she/it was closer, whereas this is what it is.
"a different period" hmmm. u may b right. in both senses. after "the brink" i've felt myself simplifying a little bit here, a little bit there... ...but this one... it's like the epitome of what anyone who really knows me would probably expect me to write... at least i think so. spiteful, hateful, rage-filled, rage-fueled growling, paranoid, deep, stubborn, silly... i don't know. sometimes i am this little black ball of sick, sad, rage... so with sadness like some of what this song depicts, i just try not to get too emo-woe-is-me about it in the music in addition to real life. i'm better at the musical side of it. it's kinda paradoxical... singing and pounding ona guitar to try and exorcise emotions and meanwhile subjecting others to them... implanting them with them. weird.
thanks for listening! :)

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Apr 22, 2009
11:22 AM EDT
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