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Last Promise (Kinen Menu)

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Author Comments

Made in the style of Kingdom Hearts 2 (Dearly Beloved) and the Final Fantasy X-2 menu, kinda^^

[--My menu loop for the RPG: "Kinen"--]

Special THanks tardom, Lashmush, assassin2, intero, and jay-b (obv.) :)

Please listen to the end and constructive criticism is always welcome :D
I read every review so don't be shy! xD

Please rate, review and enjoy!




I loved the beginning when the piano sighs with the strings.

Once again you amaze!

But you didnt hit the tonal key at the end! ;p

Zero123Music responds:

Thanks, yeah the beginning was my favourite bit, the rest is trash ;p

i SO wanted to hit that key, but it sounds better leaving on a suspension and letting it loop

thanks again

makes me think...

After the title I already expected a quiet, meditative and nostalgic tune, but nothing like this. There's nothing to criticize about this song, because it sends out its message and emotion to the user perfectly. I shed a couple of tears while listening to it. Made me want to go outside on a quiet night, far away from the city lights and all the madness of today's society, go lie down on a grassy hill and just look at the radiant full moon and the starry sky and think about my life and whats around me. All the sad things that happened that I didn't wish for...the things and people that have been taken away from me when I least expected it and when I needed them most; all the things I could have done and changed about myself, but got caught by the ever-tightening grasp of today's chaotic society and never managed to achieve them; all these years I've been alone having to fend off for myself instead of living a normal, happy life with my loved ones like most people do; and much more questions I have that seek an answer... I've asked myself, and even Him "why?"... but there is only silence, and I'm still waiting, and will be - until I either receive my rightful answers, or until it's my turn to go. Fate's like an ocean in the middle of a furious storm, you never know when things will go for better of for worse, but you got to make your way - giving up hope didn't save anyone. Hell, I might have been tripped alot, but I'm always going to get up, spit the grit out and keep on going - I don't plan to stop until I'm 6 feet under. But then again, it's said that every being has its own predetermined fate, so maybe I'll one day find out why I ended up in the middle of the storm. Pshaw, I started rambling again...I should go to sleep now.

Anyhow, you make great music, you put heart and soul into every note. I hope you will make more tunes like this one, the AP needs people like you. Sometimes the solution to even the hardest, most daunting problem can be found simply by sitting down, listening to a piece like this and just thinking, piecing together the puzzle.

Have a nice day,

Zero123Music responds:

Muhaahaha. My plan to control people with music is working!! *original title, "go out on a starry night onto a grassy hill..... plz?" * xD only joking xD

I just love the fact that one of my pieces inspired such a beautiful story

I will have a nice day, now
Thanks alot devildog

This is amazing

This is just flat out amazing, I can and will openly admit that it actually made some tears come up, this is just a flat out amazing piece and I can't really describe how good I think it is, I can't make any kind of classical music but you my good sir, will always be a fantastic classical/piano artist.

Listening to this song makes me think of so much I've done with my life alone and makes me think of all the other lives and what could be going on with them, I can see myself listening to this on my ipod at night and just looking at the star filled sky. Zero123 you have made a beautiful piece and I hope you continue to make more beautiful pieces just like this...

Your friend


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Zero123Music responds:

awww, tears nearly came up reading that review^^

thanks alot zeke, this review means alot

>>Zero :)

Go the strings!

I always love to listen to this. It loses some magic a little in the middle, but that's because it starts so strong, but it picks itself up so it works out. You're getting really good at balancing sound. This shows how far you've come.

Zero123Music responds:

Thanks much assassin,

yes, in the middle it's kinda trash. Thanks about balancing sound, I try my best^^


dont really know what to say man.....youre a great artist, love the free flow of the song. Beautiful sound of sorrow and peace at the same time.
Im greatful to have come to found your music in the first place, glad you composed more. I remember when you told me youre brother pissed you off, glad to see it didnt stop you to produce, never stop to produce, your music is peace.

Zero123Music responds:

hey, thanks alot boux

Lol, i'm surprised you remember about my bro xD

anyways, i'm producing again^^ and thank you for the 10 and keeping me going ;D

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4.12 / 5.00

Apr 22, 2009
3:05 AM EDT
File Info
3.4 MB
3 min 42 sec

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