Improv #2 in G minor

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Improv in G Minor

Just going to make this clear I don't do very much to the project file. If my finger slips to a bad note then I clean that up but the timing does not change in when I hit the notes.

I don't use metronomes when I do this.

As for this little song, this is an idea I've been holding on for years. I've constantly thought about making sheet music for this song and turning it orchestral with the progression it has. This being the case I would like to make this clear.

*PLEASE* Contact me if you do anything with this song if you want to remix it and/or build upon it. I have high hopes for this song in the future as a composer. Yes I'm being a jerk I value this progression and melody haha not sure why.


I like it!

I don't know if it would sound good as a full orchestration, but it's your creation. If you want to do it, to hell with what I think! I think it's a very interesting sound, and if you ever do orchestrate this, I'll definitely give it a listen, even though I think it is very well done as is.

Wow, your great at playing the piano.

I like this improv you did here. Sounds great as always. Hope you get to turning this into a full song.


I love harmonic minor, I don't really care about the key (they all sound the same to me, just with the chords and minors, etc. switched up or down a few notes), and this is a harmonic song worthy of the 1st place in the Harmonic Minor Hall of Fame! The chords were spectacular, and I thought it was very good that you didn't overuse the minor in the song.


P.S. Nice ending chord!

Mrmilkcarton responds:


Very well done

I can feel the aura of perfect theory at work. Great chord progression working with the harmonic minor. G minor is my favorite key, so i was expecting to bitch in this, but its one of the few cases where i can't find anything wrong. Dynamics were well put and done. I kind of wanted to hear more of the pattern change at 2:20 though. I'm a fan of dissonance only when it resolves, and you pulled it off well. This is exactly why theory is so important, because it works :D amazing job

Mrmilkcarton responds:

Glad to hear it. G minor is also one of my faves :D


I wish i could play pianio this good!!!!!!!! Awesome song!

Mrmilkcarton responds:

So many people can play better then me. So I'm sure it wouldn't take too long to get to this level.

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