Glass Shards (Full)

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"The moonlight shines on the glass shards painted scarlet,
As the echos of the hero's footsteps follow in the distance,
But who is to call one hero, when the holiest of light has dimmed?"

Note: Best at a high volume, you get more depth.

The ACTUAL version of Glass Shards. If you're a flash artist, you can use its sister dialogue version

http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/231285

for some awesome cinematics/cutscenes with a musical theme C:

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you never cease to amaze me

Aeris responds:

lol, i'm glad you like it, i'll be sure to keep 'em coming

Referred here by Gravey1

Well, where do I begin? I'll start with the synth in the beginning. I think you could have designed a better fitting synth, it just doesn't fit for me.

Secondly, I can definitely hear clipping in the left speaker (god bless these headphones, they are amazing) when the drums start up.

I'm not sure (as I'm not sure how loud certain instruments can get) but I don't think the woodwind should be the main instrument during the chorus, I just don't think that it would be able to carry such a high volume unless it was at the front of the orchestra setup or there were more of them playing at the same time.

That starburst sound has to be my least favorite part of this song admittedly. It's just a bit too loud and it cuts off way too abruptly. I'm a fan of smooth cutoffs to sounds, I have to admit.

The timpani....I just want to advise you that a timpani is a tuned drum, so it will interfere with the bassline if you don't use it correctly.

The piano melody was excellent, as well as the flute melody. And the chords were creative, I have to say. I particularly like what you did with the choir, I'll have to steal that, if you don't mind ;-p

And this song is extremely nice, with a lot of potential to be an amazing song. I would suggest you keep working on it and let me know if you do submit another version. I'll be glad to lend an ear.

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Aeris responds:

THE ALMIGHTY BLACKATTACKBITCH lol i hear alot about you from Gravey.

I did some edits and I'm rendering the piece now.

Things I changed and fixed:
- Buzzy noise... sorry bout that
- Intro synth (no distortion)
- Windchime velocity is lower.

Things I did not change:
- The timpani.... I had them tuned to the tonic, D, for d minor... They also did not play a major role in the piece (if they even played a role at all) so they did not require high detail work. Though, don't get me wrong, I believe every detail counts, there's always one that will notice.
- The woodwind. Normally, no they wouldn't be able to present themselves well above the other sections. However, this is synth, and secondly, there is not brass in this piece... Well there's some but ya they're quiet and minor. If this was designed to actually be played live (which i might edit and publish), then I would choose different instruments.
- Kept the windchimes. They're mystical to me, though slightly overused i will admit, they set a good twilit mood.

That's that, thanks for the intuitive review! Also, the choir is PapelMedia, so you should be able to replicate perfectly if you want. The chords are simple variations of D minor.

I'll PM you when the editted version is uploaded C:

too good,

I started crying. i'm serious. (partly due to gravey's review.) you are entirely too good of an artist!

Aeris responds:

Awww :DDD

That's so sweet, you made my day :DD

Good, my friend

I love it, the melodies, the harmony, the variation, the feeling and the epicness. But I must agree on the ratling sound, just fix that little thing and this will go down in histoiry. I'm admiring this work.

/D - Got Time? Check My stuff :)

Aeris responds:

rendering a fixed version now C:

i'm also looking through people's music :D expect reviews

Pure Beauty

This is a fantastic piece. My only problem is that there is a rattling/noise caused by some of the instruments. Other than that, this is one of the most spectacular pieces I've heard in a while! Great job!

Aeris responds:

okay, ya that's a mixer thing i added onto a choir. I'll see if maybe I can turn it down a bit or something.

Thanks for the review

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Apr 19, 2009
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