Feels Like Meh (NG Cut)

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Hey everybody! After a long period of "writers" block, I got around to finishing my progressive house track (this one). So let's get started, eh? ;)

NOTE: This is an NG cut, so intros and endings have been changed from the original mix. Also quality has been reduced (160 Kbps), while the original is (320 Kbps). (Sorry I had to do it I can actually post this here on NG)

- I've been doing a lot of experimenting with filters and pads lately and I found that mixing white noise with a pad really changes a lot of things.

-This is probably the track that I used the most instruments on (6 Polysonic Synths, 4 Drum machines, 2 Samplers).

-I also was working up on the kick drum in this one and I discovered that a high-pitched shake offset just before a kick drum hit, sounds awesome (Thank you ReGroove mixer :P).

-Again with the stabby chords (I know, played out, right?), but I decided to take on a different approach than just the ordinary 1/8th note approach. I listened to a lot of music by Thomas Schwartz and if anyone takes a listen to him, you can definately hear the substance of him in this track.

Enjoy the tunes! Comments and rates are VERY MUCH welcome! :)

Production Notes:
-Time Spent: 12-13 days (Most of it was just digressing with some other tracks)
-Program used: Reason version 4
-Samples used: Reason Sound Bank and xfrscd01 (Xfer)
-Influences: Thomas Schwartz (Jupiter Calling) and Deadmau5 (Jaded)

*I used Propellerhead's Reason 4 for this production (No VSTs used :P)

-BrokenCrossfader (OB)



Finally another fellow Reason user ;-)

Great track man! I especially like the little tips you have posted. Thats more help that you would believe so thank you!

I think I'm going to burn this one for the car...



very relaxing while keeping a calm catchy tune....

Very nice

this is very very awesome, i now got some new inspiration =D




The word that comes to mind when I hear this song... actually, I don't know what word comes to mind. But it's definitely not "meh." This has got to be the best house track I've heard on NG in forever, and that's saying something. I'm an xKore junkie, and I'm pretty sure this knocks him off first place. :)

Please don't stop putting in the commentary you do, because I've just started making house music in Reason and the discoveries you note are giving me some things to try out and experiment with.

Anyway, maybe I should review the music now! Haven't heard any Thomas Schwartz before now, but I just looked him up on YouTube, and I can definitely where your inspiration is coming from. The deadmau5 influence is also pretty recognizable here, but you've still got your own style mixed in. I like this combo!

I like the drums here a lot. The kick is great, I think that shake really gives it some character. Also, later on, there's something that sounds like an open hi-hat, only sidechained. I'm not sure if that's a pad or a normal hat with some fancy effects, but it sounds very unique. Does it really take four drum machines to make the percussion sound this different? I'd be interested to know how you do it...

Stabby chords are something I'm really liking about your productions. Vary them as much as you like, but never take them away!

Atmosphere is also very nice here, sort of a spacey feel. I like that... a lot. Not many genres of music, or even artists in this genre, pay attention to atmosphere, and I think it's very important. So... good job there!

There's nothing I have against this track. I've listened to it four times in a row now, still not getting old. You, sir, have inspired me! I feel like making my own progressive house right now, but sadly... I suck. I just finished my first house-ish track today. I need a lot more practice. :P

Anyway, I'm not exaggerating when I say this is my favorite house track on NG. Possibly my favorite ever. This made my year! (and I bet I'm surprising you with how much praise you're getting. It might be over-the-top, but I'm being honest) Keep up the awesome work!


BrokenCrossfader responds:

Wow, such a positive review haha but the xKore thing sure says a lot, xKore is a very talented artist but I feel like im not quite there yet when it comes to having variety in the middle of the mix when compared to xKore. :)

I used 4 drum machines simply to organize the mix (1 for Kick Drum, another for snare/clap, another for highhat/shaker, and another for percussion.). Now that I think about it, it seems like a waste of CPU haha

"Proggy" house is actually very simple when I think about it, it's just 16 bars, transition, then 16 bars again. Anyone can make music if they are really determined to do it :).

I'm also glad my notes helped out, I mean, that is what commentaries are for aren't they? :)

Thanks for listening!


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