[LK] Our Dream

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This is a new song ive been working on.

zomgkerrie http://zomgkerrie.newgrou nds.com is making lyrics and will sing in place of the piano melody.

Any suggestions and comments are MUCH appreciated.

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So here we go kinda a long review but I think this song could use some work and heres what i think you should look into...

First off let me say that Nexus is never the way to go I mean its good for some background stuff but the leads and pianos are well over used so much its sad and again the pianos just really don't sound that good with out some serious work done to them and I know its just there to show where the singer will be at but still for the future I would suggest finding a new vst to use for Leads and the more important parts of a song, Like the piano

OK so my personal opinion is that this song doesn't really have much variation I mean you have break downs and what not but really the song follows the exact same melody and to me that kinda makes it boring like for example if you go to the end of the song and let it loop the the beginning its pretty well the same...

well anyways another thing I Noticed is around 35 seconds when the piano is hitting the chords it seems to have some clipping on the pad maybe need to work on that some and the fact that you lead and pad basically sound the same just one has a longer sustain time so the kinda sound like there onto of each other...

And the last thing it that you have so much going on how the higher frequencies that the lower ones are really week such as the bass and kick and also you Hi-Hats Also seem to be blending with your pad and lead.

So In the end I don't think the song is bad I just think you need to give it more variation and master it a lot more and maybe choose so different samples I know nexus sounds good but its over used and makes you look amerture

SO yeah don't mind my typing I am horrid at it lol


Have A Great Day!

XenoxX :)

LK412 responds:

First of all thanks for the nice review.

Ya, my mixing/eq-ing/mastering was awful when i made this. It's improved but not by a whole lot, so i need this.

As for the variation, this song was supposed to have vocals, so i made it with that in mind. It never really panned out so i was left with this.

Ya, i used nexus a crap load cuz i just got it when i made the song, so that is why there is a shit load of that in there XD.

I will DEFINITELY keep this mixing/mastering tips in mind, i really need to learn.

Again, thanks for the awesome review!


Long time no listened to your music, now I know why its in my favorites. Good job dude and keep making more.


This song brutaly and savagely kicks everyone elses butt

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LK412 responds:

Haha thanks a lot man :D!

Me again

Great song, you know you should make a album, maybe even try to sell it. i mean sure theres people that would think other wise about you music other than awsome. but they would have to give you credit for the great job you do on this music. everything perfect, you jsut cant say it enough. KEEP UP THE AWSOME WORK.

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LK412 responds:

Thanks a lot man!

I might make an album but i doubt anyone will buy it. :(

so i might just give it away for free.


Really like it! Just some an thought but you should be the Num1~

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LK412 responds:


Thanks a lot man!

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