[DH] Descending Into Chaos

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This is to this date my longest and most epic attempt at epicness!

As a test I would like people If they happen to review to put in what this song makes them think of. I ask because I have had several people all giving me different opinions on what this represents.
I will eventually bring out the section names.

Vote and comment please!

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Epicness at its, well, epicest...

This is purely amazing. I'm a huge fan of epic classical, so I've heard quite a number of epic classical songs, but seriously, this beats a good bunch of them. Great job!

The melodies over here are just excellent. Wow, those strings' melodies are just awesome. They were really fast paced, and fit really well with the chaotic feel you were going for. My only complaint was that the strings need more alternate melodies to them. Although the counter-melody at 2:04 was pure awesomeness, seriously, it actually gave me goosebumps, other than that melody, there was nothing to take away the repetitiveness of the main melody. I was expecting a new melody to come in at 1:14, or maybe a new instrument like some brass playing more notes in the background. Oh, and at 2:37, the brass hits were generic and sounded like Pirates of the Carribean :P.

The instruments are such great quality, especially those strings. I use Squidfont Orchestral for strings (yea, more soundfonts) and I thought THEY sounded good, but seriously, I can imagine the musicians in the strings section sweating like hell playing this song in my mind, they just sound so real. Piano was nice quality too, but I wish I saw the piano somewhere in the middle of the song, other than the beginning. Choir voices were perfect, though, they gave an epic feel to the song, and made it even more mighty than it already was. Oh, and since it's my tradition to start nitpicking at the end of paragraphs, that's what I'll do; anyway, I think you should try making the strings at 1:19 tremolo, maybe they could sound better.

Transitions were so awesome. I really liked the transition from calm to epic at around 0:40, and the transition from the main melody to the alternate melody at 2:01 was just amazing. It's good that you added those few seconds of silence around the song, it made the listener think "Now it's going to become calmer, eh?" but it ends up quickly moving on to the chaotic and crazy rythm this song has, leaving the listener speechless.

The structure is interesting, and not the usual Intro - Chorus - Melody 1 - Chorus - Melody 2 - Chorus - Ending. I usually have that problem when I compose songs; that my song structure is always bland and simple, but yours was well structured. Problem was, it did get repetitive, as I said before. Invent more alternate melodies, and maybe take away some unnecessary repetitive string parts in the song, since I'd imagine this song to have loads of variety (hence the name Descending Into Chaos). Oh, and speaking of the name, you typo'd 'descending' :P.

The intro was an interesting way to start the song. Usually, epic classical songs start all mighty and epic straight away, but you gave that more calm intro, which started the song up nicely IMO. Ending wasn't too good though, IMO. I expected it to end really epic-like, since I heard such powerful brass hits before. Play the brass hit you played at around 2:47 one more time at the ending, along with a gong/booming bass drum/timpani/crash cymbal. Ending was quite a bummer :(

The drums, well, wow. They were so awesome. I expected timpanis, bass drums, cymbals and orchestral snares, but I got more than that. The drum beats were so varied, and had such great samples. Loved the snare and timpani rolls you did around here too. What was a little wierd though, was that at 1:14, there was a drum beat, and it played for just one bar, and I expected it to keep playing until 1:28, until the real drum beat kicks in.

Also, another problem regarding the drums. I think they were a bit too quiet at times, especially at 1:26. I think they should be a little louder. Not loud enough to drown out all the other melodies, but loud enough to be heard clearly. Still, good news was that they had really great drum rolls when they were introduced, and were varied extremely well. Loved the timpanis at the end.

Overall, excellent job. Keep up the good work and great job, I enjoyed it a lot.

-Review Request Club-

I'd say what this made me think of, but unfortunately I'm out of spa

DarqueHand responds:

OMFG I Typo'd!!!!! Just when I thought that higher education was paying off lol.

Thanks for the huge review it's not everyday you get this much of a critical approach. Thanks tho and I hope this gave you the motivation you needed to get ewql!!


Wow this is a great piece. I love the intensity of it. Amazing job.


This is so intense, and yet it is just calm!
I could see this in an action packed thriller movie, rushing to find the bomb that is threatening the world with a virus. Haha, well at least in the majority of it, the beginning is a little slow, but it is definitely an additive to your recipe of Chaos!


The beginning is awsome it sorta help set the mood for later on in the music. I thought of a story to go with this or was the one that appeared in my head. I wrote down the story that appeared in my head as I listened to it.
A man stands up. he looks around through the dust and smoke of the battle. he dosen't see anything alive. As he starts moving back to the rally point he notices something. The enemy hasnt been slain. he cocks his weapon and gets behind cover firing wildly. The enemy responds in kind and he continues fighting slaying them by the scores. the enemy is frustrated by this upstart. they launch a bombing run destroying everything there. as the boms fall he continues on his run to the rally point. He shoots anything that moves. The enemy sees him continue and steps up their bombing leaving not even a blade of grass. the soldiers hit and he realizes. he staggers then falls down as a bomb falls on him and consumes him in fire.

again excellent job on this.


The beginning reminds me of a Kamelot beginning, or another metal group. So it is really Great. I loved the strings all way long, they bring this dark tense feeling to the song, that you are Falling in Hell.
This is what this song tells me: A man that just got up from a harsh event, realizing he survived this gigantic collision. Standing up tall on his feet looking in his hands. He doesn't believe what just happened. Realising he was meant to be something else, something much better than the rest of this world. Foreseeing of all what he can accomplish now. Now that he is a hero, in wich direction will he fall. Through the road of Light, Slaying vilains and keeping the balance in this world. Or Sucked into Darkness, bringing Chaos to whomever stood in his footsteps. Sweeping everything that is good on Earth.

This is what I think of your song. I love it, faved 5/5 10/10
I will continue to check you out if you put other great songs like this one ;p

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Apr 17, 2009
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