We Are Lost (full Vocals)

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My account got deleted.... Here's a song that took Forever.

I don't want to type. Just listen. It's worth it. Enjoy!

This song is enhanced by sitting in a dark room and gathering as many lava lamps as possible. Then, get everything that you have that glows in the dark. take all flashlights in your house and mount them so they shine on a disco ball hanging from the ceiling. find some oscillating fans and point them at the disco ball so it spins. Enjoy the ride.


Great song

Jeesus fuck Death-9 could you romp on a kids talents any harder? He's 13 years old. All kids 13 years of age have voices like that, its not like he can do anything about it if he wants to sing his own lyrics (to you too, ph0ne).
I however do appreciate the actual critiquing you guys both did. Great critiquing, but that's all he needed, you know? The negative comments could have been left out. Seriously.

Great song, SoD. Keep it up, I wanna hear a remastered version of this song. Take Death-9's and ph0ne's critiques into consideration and apply it to your song. Like ph0ne said: This song has some serious potential.

statueofdiveo responds:

I don't really see the mastering issues. Vocals too loud? Elaborate plz.

What is this

Please, stop making music. Learn to use compressors, or at least how to EQ properly. The vocals are jarring and sudden, and very painful when they enter. Another complaint that I have with this is that it is terribly repetitive. I could count the total number of patterns in this song on my own two hands, and for an 8-minute song that's embarrassing.

Your effects and even your synths are over-used and contrived. It's completely unoriginal, and extraordinarily boring. The song's progression is simply tiring- it repeats entire sections with NO modification. You ought to at least spice it up a little bit, it's just terrible as it is.

I'm going to be honest, your song made me almost fall asleep, and not in a good way. The only reason i didn't go completely unconscious was because it was so poorly EQ/Mastered and so terribad.

statueofdiveo responds:

It's a club song. I've seen way more repetitive songs.

Can you do better?
Oh, and the entire songs is compressed
Are you wearing headphones?

Heavily overrated.

Instead of clumping shit together like I usually do in reviews, I'll just make bullets to make this easier and quicker.

-You need to use compressors. You also need to put different sounds in their own frequency ranges so the overall sound isn't so unbalanced. In short, your mixing is a joke. Side chaining can help in some situations. I don't know about Logic, but FL has a tool called Maximus which is very useful for balancing out all 3 bands.

-Your transitions are, for the most part abrupt, which can hurt the overall feel for the song.

-Your synths are actually alright, but your percussion is godawful and if I'm not mistaken a lot of your sounds sound like loops, which leads me to my next point...

-Your song is repetitive. You didn't need to make it nearly 9 minutes long. You just filled the time with unnecessarily long buildups and the same damn sounds, along with arbitrary sounding synths as well, as if you just wanted to fill it up with as many sounds as you could.

-Your melodies were pretty good. Like the rest of song it had a lot of potential but failed to reach my approval.

-Your vocals are annoying. Your disgusting fairy 13-year-old voice is dreadful to the ears and you should never attempt this again.

Overall, this song had lots of potential but you blew it by mixing and mastering it poorly, putting in arbitrary sounds and samples, being repetitive, having poor progression, along with other small things. The reason for this being so highly rated and approved on NG is becuase NG knows nothing about professional music or anything that has to do with quality. Don't get so sucked up in your pride because of a bunch of kiddies telling you you're oh so good, and don't think you can make full album with your skills. You need to get a LOT better. I'm not saying I'm a music God, I'm just giving you a realistic overlook.

Keep practicing,

statueofdiveo responds:

No loops dude. No loops.

Oh, and shut up.

Can you do better? Really. The mix is fine. Sidechaining is gimmicky. There are quite a few compressors in it. Just, go away.

Theres a master compressor on the whole thing.\
Are you wearing headphones?

So I awesome I had to log in to review it.

Yeah, this is really great. A little upbeat for my taste, but damn it's so chill and excellent. I couldn't help but love it. Reminds me of Burnout Paradise. Just cruising the countryside.

statueofdiveo responds:



I'm gettin down to this beat. I love the vocals and voices that are used. It sounds so professional. You should make a CD. Your right it is worth it. Who is singing. Who is that talking "I Don't Want To D-D-D-D-D-Die" This could be used in a JSRF game. Maybe you could be the next Hideki Naganuma.

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statueofdiveo responds:

That's at&t's mike voice. thx

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