The Nintendo Concerto (Pt 10b)

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OK, i know this is worth more than a 2. If your gonna vote less than a 4, leave a damn review.

Man, this REALLY is IT. Thanks so much everyone for bitching about this.

I needed to get this off my back. This is nothing spectacular, and personally I like part 10a better. Oh well, this DOES have Touhou in it.

Also, before you zero-bomb, this audio file got fucked up somehow, and somewhere in the second song it skips a little. Thats the only error I'm aware of, and I'm to goddamn lazy to fix it.

It's been a long run, and I'm so happy to say that this is over.

Here goes:


remember to try and guess the songs!
You probably know the challenge by now, so it's all up to you.

(P.S. I'm working on another VERY SPECIAL piano piece at the moment, so I'm glad I could get this bitch out of the way)

Here are the songs (in order of appearance)

0:01-0:45 Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom
0:45-3:05 My Neighbor Totoro: Path of the Wind
3:05-3:24 Ape Escape: That Skiing Minigame Thingy
3:24-4:11 Sonic Advance: Neo Green Hill Zone
4:11-5:04 Chrono Trigger: Hidden Truths
5:04-6:03 Super Smash Bros Brawl: Waiting Room
6:03-7:47 Mega Man X: Intro Stage
7:47-7:54 Mega Man X: Storm Eagle
7:54-8:55 Mega Man Zero 4: Esperanto
8:55-9:29 Super Mario RPG: Mushroom Way



one of them was from an old zelda game i think... but im not sure. =(

And its over...

Well... as I said I would do, I looked at part b... Its still pretty awesome, and from what I see, you are not being zero bombed... at least not from me. I only recognized the waiting room, I spent too much waiting there... Some sound so familiar, but cant tell the name right away, like one of the last ones, sounds like mario party... Well... I will check out the other very special piano piece if it is out now, or later if it is not released later

Love your work!

1- ?
2- Gah! Sounds so familiar!!!
3- Pokemon thing?...
4- ?
5- SSBB Waiting Room, I'd know it anywhere. Good rendition, too.
6- ?
7- Something Mario? Gah, it is bugging me that I don't know these! I'm a video gamer! I live for them! Gah!
8- More Mario...?

All I counted was eight... As much as love your work, it bugs my inner (and obvious outer) geek that I can't place these songs! Oh well, doesn't stop me from loving it! Keep up the good work!

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good one

goodby nintendo concierto

At least I can guess the last songs:
Sonic Advance Act 1,
Mario RPG not sure what part,
SSB Wi-Fi waiting room,
Megaman X, again not sure
Next one is really weird. It starts with storm eagle, then goes to the ending theme to megaman zero 4. Its like some sort of lament of different megaman games.
Well thats all I can guess hope it helped. I loved the nintendo concierto series and I cant wait on that VERY SPECIAL piano piece.
Good luck on it :D

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