The Nintendo Concerto (Pt 10b)

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OK, i know this is worth more than a 2. If your gonna vote less than a 4, leave a damn review.

Man, this REALLY is IT. Thanks so much everyone for bitching about this.

I needed to get this off my back. This is nothing spectacular, and personally I like part 10a better. Oh well, this DOES have Touhou in it.

Also, before you zero-bomb, this audio file got fucked up somehow, and somewhere in the second song it skips a little. Thats the only error I'm aware of, and I'm to goddamn lazy to fix it.

It's been a long run, and I'm so happy to say that this is over.

Here goes:


remember to try and guess the songs!
You probably know the challenge by now, so it's all up to you.

(P.S. I'm working on another VERY SPECIAL piano piece at the moment, so I'm glad I could get this bitch out of the way)

Here are the songs (in order of appearance)

0:01-0:45 Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom
0:45-3:05 My Neighbor Totoro: Path of the Wind
3:05-3:24 Ape Escape: That Skiing Minigame Thingy
3:24-4:11 Sonic Advance: Neo Green Hill Zone
4:11-5:04 Chrono Trigger: Hidden Truths
5:04-6:03 Super Smash Bros Brawl: Waiting Room
6:03-7:47 Mega Man X: Intro Stage
7:47-7:54 Mega Man X: Storm Eagle
7:54-8:55 Mega Man Zero 4: Esperanto
8:55-9:29 Super Mario RPG: Mushroom Way


At 5:04 I'm pretty sure everyone got this...

At 5:04: SSBB main theme.

At 7:48, I'm pretty sure I'm wrong, but it sounds like a song from Wild Arms 2nd Ignition.


whoa I thought there were only 4 . . . well cool stuff I guess I just can't believe you did this many nintendo medleys. wow. damn son. Oh yeah, IT'S SYNTH PIANO PEOPLE!!!!!!


i haven't signed in to newgrounds in ages but i had to when i heard this. I hate to see that this has all come to an end ='(. I really wish i could play the piano so i could do something like this. Yay for chrono trigger (Its the trial theme)

Darn it...

As much as it is sad that the concerto finally has been finished, it still makes me glad. I'm running out of space on mah mp3 you see.
It feels so neat to relive old video game memories, the piano is without a doubt a very underrated and underestimated instrument in todays "modern" society.
It's too bad that you haven't received more fame for this and the hard work you put into it. With all of the jerks zero-bombing and so on it's quite understandable why you're too lazy to fix that skip at 1:22. Heck, I would be too (probably even if I really, really wanted to).
Oh right, darn it! You made me want to be able to play the piano, a lot. A shame I do not own one, oh well.
Looking forward to that VERY SPECIAL piano piece. Cheers.

5/5 and 9/10 (I prefer EPICXZZ endings, t'was a bit rushed)

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I found a song or two.

6:04 - Central Highway - Megaman X1
7:47 - Storm Eagle - Megaman X1
7:54 - Esperanto - Megaman Zero 4

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