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Pirates_go_ahhrrrr [Box-killa]

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This song, I must say. This song is awesome. I mean, how did I come up with such a great tune. I just love the drums that I in this track. If you listen closely to the snare, you will hear this really cool effect with it. Snare is awesome.

There have been a lot of negative, useless reviews spreading around at the moment. It's probably always like this but please, don't just say " this sucks I hate it" Or whatever. Say why it sucks, how it could be improved, etc. I don't mind if you don't want to write a 1000 word review or whatever. Although I wan't some reasoning. I'm probably going to get more useless reviews since I mentioned this lol.

Anyway, rate 5/5 10/10. Tell me what to improve on. And the golden rule, If your review isn't stupid, I'll review you! That's a new rule by the way. Tell your friends about me, I'm a new guy, need some more friends, fans. :D Peace out. Oh and one more thing, If you are wondering why i didn't make many spelling mistakes, It's because I upgraded to Google Chrome!!! Woopy!. It has its own word correcter and it doesn't sense the word Google, it says its a mistake!

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what needs changing...

nothing! it kicks ass all on its own

Haha :D

The name is pretty funny. :D

The song itself is also quite awesome. When it hits 1:50 shit really hits the fan. All the synths you've used fits great together, and the snare... The snare does sound awesome. :D That little *boink* sound effect, or whatever i should call it, is cool :P

Second time listening to this I heard something new at 1:36 which also caught my interest. ;) Good work man!


Box-Killa responds:

Hehe this is one of my very old songs, I don't know if i could ever make soemthing as aawesome as this again lol, once in a lifetime song I suppose lol.


This is cool for a pirate song

Box-Killa responds:

Oh yea!

Thanks for the review

Repetetive, but really good

The melody was unbeatable, and the drums were very cool too, especialy the snares. Effects are pretty cool, and the instruments weren't bad. Needs some more variety of instruments, since all I heard was a bass, the main saw synth, drums, and the synth playing the arpeggios at 1:49 as main instruments. Speaking of those, though, they were freakin' awesome. Arpeggios matching with main melodies are really hard to make, and usually come out badly, but these flowed really well with the song and were performed perfectly. The intro to the song was a little wierd. In my opinion, the main melody started too early. Start it at around 0:07 and maybe it'll sound better, and give it some reverse cymbal going into a loud drum hit (for instance, a loud reverbed kick and a crash cymbal) when the saw synth comes in. The part at 1:05 was really fantastic, very good job on that, and it helped the song flow much more. The fade ending didn't fit too well, though, I think. It felt a little off with this song. Still, everything else was fine, and that melody is out of this world. Strange name though... The melody does remind me of pirates for some strange reason, but the effects and synths don't fit too well for a piratey background. An organ, flute and accordian usually do well :). Well, wahatever, awesome song, keep up the great work, and sorry for the long review XD.
Whoa, this is really 0-bombed :[].

Box-Killa responds:

Oh yeah baby! Wow this song was one of my best hits. I made it around 4 months ago and yet it feels like a lifetime. I remember the only mastering I new how to do was chucking in some overall reverb effects and a bit of delay and filtering. I knew squat about that. And most of these sounds are presets. In fact, they are all presets, except for the drums. I cant even remember how I got that snare how it was. Wow. Now whenever I look back on this song I think, I could make this sounds so much better, but I will never come up with a melody like that again for a loooong time. I've been trying to make a techno song like this one for a while but cant, until I uncover an awesome melody like this one. Yeah I know hey, this song just seems to associate with pirates lol. Well thanks for the review, yeah 0 bombing sucks, allot of my songs are like that :D.
sorry for my long response, without paragraphs


I like this beautiful ring to it, make more like this ;)

Box-Killa responds:

hehe wonderful

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Apr 15, 2009
7:06 AM EDT
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