Where Is Your God?

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Drums made by Gorgorothx (very similar to my last user name ;) )
Where is your god? He was never in our presence....

by the truth
your fragile mind flutters under confession
your so dumb you lose sight of your goals
ecstasy sets in while you crave a sense of euphoria

Baby dont cry
ill be right by your side
watching over you
while you sigh
Please wipe the tears from your eyes

by the truth
your fragile mind flutters under confession
your so dumb you lose sight of your goals
ecstasy sets in while you crave... Euphoria

we've been betrayed so many times...
there is no truth
behind the eyes of all that thrive

where is your god...
he has forsaken you
where is your god...
he has hexed you

There is no mercy for
There is no reward for

(x2)bleed out the anger from your soul
hate me not but your own god

will you come with me?
will you help bring down this world?
Where is your god?
You killed your god...
Where is your god?
You killed your god...

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Thats actually pretty good from what I see


Not sure I agree about you getting signed, but then again they will give any shmoe a record deal nowadays. The song itself is alright, the distortion in your vocals kind of brings the song down just because it's almost irritating to listen to. I love the lyrics, not because I'm anti-religion, but because it seems like you are trying to tell us that we should believe in ourselves. We shouldn't look to a man in the sky for answers, love or reason. We can find those things right here, in the real world.

Who is your god? We are all god of our own lives and WE decide our own fate.

BuryYourFace responds:

bingo! you got it buddy... but uhhh did you just call me a shmoe? >:( But, yes that is the message I was trying to express in this song... Spot on my friend ;)


"how do you know? because your parents and your pastor tell you? psh you're a piece of shit. Prove to me HE's real like the easter bunny and santa clause!!! And don't give me that bullshit that "ohhh the bible!!" WHERE IS YOUR FUCKING GOD!!!!?!?!?! I am your God you worthless cocksucker. Do you want to know the truth? They did crucify a man, not because he could perform miracles... but because he was mentally handicapped, and told people that he was their prophet. So, Jesus was retarded and believed he could make things happen. but never did. OH LOOK I CAN WRITE MY OWN BIBLE FROM MY OWN BELIEFS!!!! I don't expect you to believe a word I said, and I sure as hell don't expect you to believe a book written (xxxx) years ago. All I'm saying is, if you don't believe a word that OLD PEOPLE say, then why the fuck would you believe a BOOK WRITTEN BY AN OLD ASS PERSON? that has been RE-FUCKING WRITTEN many times? If you want an honest answer...... READ THE ORIGINAL BIBLE... But you will never find it. The reason you won't find it, is very obvious.... So my dear friend where is your god?"

- You

That's what got you a 10 in my book. Good job, buddy.

The Real Review:

Your very talented, and I like mostly all of your work. I'm, very, surprised your not some sponsored Artist. I'm serious when I say you and whoever the fuck else is performing this song should go out and get signed.

BuryYourFace responds:

thank you for your feedback sir!!! your review is greatly appreciated


haha fucking brutal shit man, haven't heard you in forever keep it coming, love the lyrics and the music is great, I like your approach at vocals too however they seem to separate from the music, they stray away instead bond. But keep messing around with it you'll get it.
dude I wanna hear some more shit from you with vocals too!
been listening to you for like 6 or so years now

Stay Brutal - Nuebla

good song

Yah, How do we know there is a god. Science explains everything.

BuryYourFace responds:

Exactly, believe what you want... but this is music. don't judge music because of religion.

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