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This is actually kind of fun, I haven't done Trance in a while.. and I'm mixing it with a Rose song! I've remixed "Rose At Midnight" into a trance song, it actually turned out better than I thought... it's soft trance too, so you can just totally mellow out while listening to this XD

I've heard ppl tell me my last song was way too short, soo.. here's an almost 6 minute song XD. I hope you like this little experiment!

PS: Thanks to ParagonX9 for the name suggestion (I had no idea Snapdragon was a Rose/Flower?!) and helping me with some pitch issues. <3 me love you long time. XD



Pretty good, i like how it gous soft then gous more upbeat, kinda gous up then down and repeats.

The melody is lovely, and the guitar was definitely a good idea. Nice atmosphere you got going there. The synths that kicked in at 0:28 sounded a bit muddy to me, but I guess that's kind of subjective. The strings that took over at 1:23 also sounded slightly off for some reason, and something sounded a bit dissonant in the background during the breakdown at around 2:50. Choir was a bit too quiet IMHO. I'm guessing that this composition is supposed to be rather relaxing, but I do wish that both the buildup towards the ending and the ending itself were a little more dramatic; I find that both were kind of flat. Nonetheless, good job, as usual. Keep it up.

Snapdragon (Antirrhinum majus)

Im recently not so fond of Trance tracks, but this one got me out of my anti-mood <3

Really makes me dream, very beautifull and would perfectly fit in any nostalgic sunset scene at the beach or something like that. ;D
(Somehow also fitting to the typical colors of a Snapdragon-Flower)

No suggestions from me this time, very well executed, and spans over a long time without getting boring =D

so, 8/10 from me (wow, one of the highest scores from me i guess? o.o' or do you remember any higehr one? xD)
and 5/5 in the small one ;D

"me love you long time" AHAHAHAHAHAAAA cant stop lawling xD
just wondeirng how many people know/get that one xD

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NemesisTheory responds:

I'm glad to hear that, worry!

Thank you for the scores, but yes you have given higher scores in the past I think <3 (shades of green!!), thanks for the 5 too! :D

and lol, a lot of people know where that's from right? :D
at least i think so XD

Bass too wide

the bass on this was way too wide for me and ate up some frequencies on the stereo field that i think would have really made the piece sparkle. the plucked instrument was well placed and fit in very well.

your filtering was great, and you did good at picking the reversal samples for this they were actually just the right ones insted of a random reversed crash or something.

around 4:08 i would have liked to hea that pad more and the piano wasnt "there enough" good amplitude but bad mix on that. i think it came from the bass issue again. idk.

at 3:48 smooth move on that build dropping the pad at the end was a good idea.

anyway good work on this but since this is a great work and you know what all is good about it work on making that bass more mono or something, rhythmic parts may not need to be so bold when the emphasis here is the atmosphere created by the pads and plucked instrument. also i listened to this with a sub which i put centered with my monitors and it naturally put alot of the bass in the center and the higher parts of it were on my hi/mid monitors, so perhaps try to keep the bass lower in the freqs, but not too low since trance bass is higher, and consider the common persons listening format, with ear buds or computer speakers. you probably know all this crap.

any way, great work. im proud lol

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NemesisTheory responds:

i really have to brush up on my technical definitions on some of the things you mentioned, I dont know what half of this means. XD but I think i can paint a pretty good picture of what you mean, so I'll keep it in mind as best as I can.

Anyway, I'm happy you liked it ;oo, and I'll try to see what I can do next time about some things. :P

its ok

well this one is just too fucking long

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Apr 11, 2009
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