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Author Comments


This is actually kind of fun, I haven't done Trance in a while.. and I'm mixing it with a Rose song! I've remixed "Rose At Midnight" into a trance song, it actually turned out better than I thought... it's soft trance too, so you can just totally mellow out while listening to this XD

I've heard ppl tell me my last song was way too short, soo.. here's an almost 6 minute song XD. I hope you like this little experiment!

PS: Thanks to ParagonX9 for the name suggestion (I had no idea Snapdragon was a Rose/Flower?!) and helping me with some pitch issues. <3 me love you long time. XD


Snapdragon (Antirrhinum majus)

Im recently not so fond of Trance tracks, but this one got me out of my anti-mood <3

Really makes me dream, very beautifull and would perfectly fit in any nostalgic sunset scene at the beach or something like that. ;D
(Somehow also fitting to the typical colors of a Snapdragon-Flower)

No suggestions from me this time, very well executed, and spans over a long time without getting boring =D

so, 8/10 from me (wow, one of the highest scores from me i guess? o.o' or do you remember any higehr one? xD)
and 5/5 in the small one ;D

"me love you long time" AHAHAHAHAHAAAA cant stop lawling xD
just wondeirng how many people know/get that one xD

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NemesisTheory responds:

I'm glad to hear that, worry!

Thank you for the scores, but yes you have given higher scores in the past I think <3 (shades of green!!), thanks for the 5 too! :D

and lol, a lot of people know where that's from right? :D
at least i think so XD

A Rose with a new color?

gosh, this one'll stay in my head for a while

I really love trance songs, and Rose at Midnight was a particularly good track for me, so the idea of putting them together really got me there
you know, I never thought of the idea, didin't think it'd fit right, but it works great! you really got the tune right for this one

the guitar-ish foreground is where it's best at, but the 3:20 bridge with the guitar and piano bit was pure charmer

now it's probably not the most "epic" or dynamic song but in its own right, it deserves a solid 10 for innovation, after all, you judge a remix by how well it works right?

by the way, aside from your trademark Rose series, you should consider giving yourself a theme song, with your traditional style and all

do keep up the great tracks NT
-Sinister Aura-

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NemesisTheory responds:

It's because of the melody right? XD I had some trouble getting rid of the melody in my head too T_T I dunno what the thing about it is lol XD

Thanks! I wasn't sure if it would fit either, but it's pretty funny. XD I was thinking about trying it for Rose at Twilight too, but I'm not too convinced if I can make a 3-4 minute song out of it, let alone 6... XD

i think you judge music overall by how much you like it, not so much with the technical aspect... but that's what I think anyway!

a theme song? I dunno, that sounds kind of weird lol XD.

I'll do my best, and thanks for the review. :)

Hey its a trance song!?

From dnb to trance you seem to have the rule book on all the genres these days. i think i like this more than you rose songs too. The gated synths really threw this song over the top for me, they just felt amazing. not much to say about the drums but it trance drums so yea...they sounded good though. That acoustic guitar sounded amazing too [how'd you get that sound?] Another great song, dl'd, 5'd, you know the routine.


NemesisTheory responds:

it's because I have a love for music in general XD i think the only things i cant (wont?) do are stuff like death metal or something... i would probably go crazy trying to do something like that XD

and yep.. the drums are just simple and clean really, and that guitar is from a really cool plugin I fond... add some cool filters and it sound so good XD

thanks for the review, mark(s)! :)

Still can't be put into words

Even you're soft songs seem so alive and full of energy! Do you drink like freakin' Redbull or Monster while making these? The transitions were perfect, and everything flowed greatly as well. How do you make such good songs so fast? I wish I had some form of talent. T.T

Fan Forever

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NemesisTheory responds:

I actually drink only water XD, i'm a super health freak actually... or maybe it's just that I find water to taste better than anything else. does that make me weird? XD

Anyway, thank you so much <3. And I dont know... I get a lot of inspiration from people like Above & Beyond (I listen to their radio casts every week!) so my mind is filled with really cool music every day XD

And in my opinion if you really want something you can make it happen.... for instance if you have an interest in making music, start fooling around with some programs and get into things <3 I'd be more than willing to help you through the first steps so if you ever do decide to do something like that and want my support, please do let me know!! :)

thanks again for the review and your support <3

More than 10 please

You're simply amazing NT
It's just incredible how you can keep coming up with masterpiece after masterpiece
Just listening to it makes you feel like your in a whole other world
I love it when you take your old songs and remake them like your armed with courage and rearmed with courage......You are truly a genius
You get 13 out of 10 from me

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NemesisTheory responds:

Thank you! It means a lot that you think they're all great, even though I have to disagree XDD

I thank you again for the nice compliments, and I'm happy you enjoyed it! :) (lol 13 XD)

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4.41 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2009
4:36 PM EDT
File Info
5.3 MB
5 min 49 sec

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