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This is actually kind of fun, I haven't done Trance in a while.. and I'm mixing it with a Rose song! I've remixed "Rose At Midnight" into a trance song, it actually turned out better than I thought... it's soft trance too, so you can just totally mellow out while listening to this XD

I've heard ppl tell me my last song was way too short, soo.. here's an almost 6 minute song XD. I hope you like this little experiment!

PS: Thanks to ParagonX9 for the name suggestion (I had no idea Snapdragon was a Rose/Flower?!) and helping me with some pitch issues. <3 me love you long time. XD



i love the guitar and piano (the piano is not that extreemly special (more people have a nice piano in there songs) but i simply like the sound of a piano and yours is nice)
almost never hear a guitar used so good!!!!!!!!
too bad i did not like most of the electronic sounds around its or the melody/rithm or the sound in it you used that does not fully work out in my opinion
but you did an extreemly good job!!!
guess ill check out more from you :)

Unlike Foxtrot-Zero

I thought the guitar was not bad. This is like an ambientlike trance peice so, for me, i wouldn't just listen to it because I feel like it, it needs to be with a movie or game.

The build at 28 didn't lead into something really exciting, just the main part of the song. So, it could be used for a game, or even a movie.

otherwise I get bored of the song quite early, and it doesn't change very much throughout the song. but its pretty good.

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great acoustic guitar

If there was one thing that I loved about this song, it would have to be the acoustic guitar, sounded very well played, excellent work with that. And the transition from the acoustic guitar to a more of a techno melody at around 28 seconds sounded good. The stringed orchestra sounded amazing in this one as well, in key and in tune with each other, outstanding work with that. The beat was good, played in the forefront at times, in the background and behind the melody at others, very dynamic, sounded great. The melody was good too, very catchy and ear-pleasing, good job with it. Nothing to hate here man, 5/5 from me, really deserved the Best of the Week spot.

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nay foxtrot nay...

the strings and/or guitar was a nice touch. In any case, NemesisTheory putting out another great number. Keep em coming.

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Guitar Intro

Quickly loses my attention. I don't much like the guitar, and was about to say it wasn't a trance.

Then it faded into a piano as a trance beat came in. When that transition was made, i liked it better.

I can't lie. I like the song, but i really hate the guitar. I'm sorry, i just hate it. If it was a piano or synth (piano would have been good as a soft trance) it would have been better.

1:20; This new synth is awesome. Love it. Should have lead the entire song.
And nice beat. Reminds me of Marble Blast Ultra.

Anyway, kepp up the good work.


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