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This is actually kind of fun, I haven't done Trance in a while.. and I'm mixing it with a Rose song! I've remixed "Rose At Midnight" into a trance song, it actually turned out better than I thought... it's soft trance too, so you can just totally mellow out while listening to this XD

I've heard ppl tell me my last song was way too short, soo.. here's an almost 6 minute song XD. I hope you like this little experiment!

PS: Thanks to ParagonX9 for the name suggestion (I had no idea Snapdragon was a Rose/Flower?!) and helping me with some pitch issues. <3 me love you long time. XD

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I used to listen to this song over and over when it first came out. Such nostalgia listening to it years later!

Those strings, jesus. And the foreground mid frequency synth thing. mastering isn't 100%?? But forget that, this is beautiful.

Was the name based off of the magic the gathering card called snapdragon?

Good track, although i'm not sure on the bpm, i think for this style of progressive track, 138 would have been better than 142. I'm not keen on the drum samples either. i think a more hissy hihat, instead of the typical tr909 open hat would have been nicer, and a more punchy kick (something from Vengeance Essential Clubsounds 3 pack would be great). The strings sound like they're slightly off key sometimes. This could be an artifact due to the overall frequency spread of the track at that particular point. The latin guitar parts sound good, and fit in nicely. decent effort though! 4.5/5 / 5. Check out some of mine if you get the chance! thanks

The melody is lovely, and the guitar was definitely a good idea. Nice atmosphere you got going there. The synths that kicked in at 0:28 sounded a bit muddy to me, but I guess that's kind of subjective. The strings that took over at 1:23 also sounded slightly off for some reason, and something sounded a bit dissonant in the background during the breakdown at around 2:50. Choir was a bit too quiet IMHO. I'm guessing that this composition is supposed to be rather relaxing, but I do wish that both the buildup towards the ending and the ending itself were a little more dramatic; I find that both were kind of flat. Nonetheless, good job, as usual. Keep it up.