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Diffraction of Light

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Recently acquired a new synth for fl studio (x3ta+). From the start, I noticed it was much higher quality than styrus. I went through the presets to learn how to use the synth. Compared to styrus, it has a less graphical interface and uses sliders instead. Already knowing how to use styrus, it didn't take long to learn. I began to compose and created a melody I liked. I think the melody could have been used better in a different type of song. This is the first song with a completely original melody, I didn't have help with any part of it. I had difficulty coming up with a strong lead synth for the melody so it doesn't come out as strongly as it could have. Hopefully by my next song I will have created a decent lead synth.

This song was strongly influenced by Chaoz Fantasy by ParagonX9. The general structure is similar and some transitions are similar. I listened to it many times to extract what makes the song good. I also for the first time noticed many things in Chaoz Fantasy that I would change. In addition to this song, I also looked back to my previous songs to determine what made them good and implemented effects and strategies in this song.

Back to the topic of x3ta+, its a high quality synth but it does have its issues. The biggest problem I had with it is that it takes up CPU simply existing in the project bank, even if it is not playing. I used 18 x3ta+ synths, which brought the CPU idling % to ~75. This made it difficult to listen to the song without rendering it. Every time I wanted to try something new I would have to render the song. As of now, 37 renders of it are sitting in my project folder. Because of this, I was forced to learn to use automation clips, which I can't believe I have lived without. Previously, I have used peak controllers, but they don't provide the accuracy that automation clips do. It's great how you can route multiple mixer inserts to a single filter and then turn it on or off using an automation clip.

I didn't spend much time mastering it, just gave it a quick EQ. However, I did give it more than a raised highband.

Issues with the song:
weak lead
doesn't feel as "full" as I wish it would, even though I have a strong bass and varying harmony.
boring percussion (I don't have any good drum samples to make breakbeat with, though I feel breakbeat percussion wouldn't fit this song very well)
At the start with the harmony slowly coming in, I couldn't get the volume and filter to start quiet enough, even though its turned way down
Even though some of the synths sound interesting, the ones I used during the melody aren't very interesting
No true stereo effects (such as notes panning back and forth). I didn't really find anywhere that it would have sounded good.

Please comment! I appreciate any critique or praise so I know what I can do better for next time.

Author's note: yes this is the same song as submitted by spkid64. If you read either user's journal, you will see they are the same person.


Very nice.

I love the intro, and the way it continues through the whole song is....Just Amazing!

Great Work!

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Apr 9, 2009
6:12 AM EDT
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