Hold Me Tonight (MilkMix)

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Never to be sold. Was good practice.

Original Mix: Manian - Hold Me Tonight

BPM: 138


Excellent, but a little long.

I love it. The huge delay on the piano sounds excellent and gives an incredible sound to the song. However, I would prefer to have the intro a little shorter but thats just a personal preference. Awesome. DLed (along with like 10 other songs lol)

Loved it ! Love the Piano !

Just wanted to say that I am totaly enjoying listining to this piece. It's a brilliant job and although I am not as knowledgeable as Pulstate, I can speak from the point of a listener. If you would ever want to publish these, on the level you perform, I would be one of the first people to get them.

With regards Pulstate's : "these days, the vocals are crowded out by the music, INTENTIONALLY! " - I think that it's caused by a practice of "overusing" vocals in a dance music.
Basically - most of the attempts on having vocals in the song means poor lyrics and low to medium qualty "voice providers". I think that the're meant to be there, because the maker is lacking an idea for a leading melody in the tune, but in fact they tend to spoil the whole sound altogether- that's why I don't really appreciate voice themes in the melodies, unless it is an integral part of the sound, not something you would need to cover up.

I love this one though - beautiful music and great combination :)

Anyway - I got here becuse I've heard you on You tube - "Take Me Away" and I got curious - so - thanks a lot - keep up - it's all brilliant!!

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Mrmilkcarton responds:

Vocals for me are hit and miss. I hate high pitched happy sing song vocals while I do love full and or soft vocals. I also tend to lean towards female vocals more then I do male since in my opinion they sound more melodic and can reach above the mix frequency wise.

As for finding me from youtube I'm glad my music is spreading even if it is my earlier work. Sadly I feel Take Me Away is lacking in quality now and I see so many problems with it.

Glad you took the time to review.

Inside Pulstate there is a little boy =D

.. Whos loves commercial dance still. I just can't get over it, because it's just so simply well expressed. Artists like Rocco, Max Faranhide, Manian, Pulsedriver, Accuface still get me going, and in this remix I'm guessing your going for a trance remix of a commercial dance song, always difficult, as their vibes are totally different.

I'm liking the intro, straight to the point, no messing around here. The bass is strong, but I feel the kick/bass are ducking each other out, for example, they are compressed so they duck. You can't hear the ducking effect, but instead the conflict lowers the overall level of the track, because when this break comes, (and btw, OMFGz0r, loving that piano), the track becomes louder.

It's so well equalized, and it's precise, and enjoyable. The vocals are perfect, and most importantly I can hear the words shes expressing, which is what I hate about alot of trance these days, the vocals are crowded out by the music, INTENTIONALLY!

Like the saw you use as a lead, might be a tad loud, but never mind, this is a strong, solid remix.

I would play this if I owned a commerical dance radioshow.


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Mrmilkcarton responds:

<3 You


Damn, I've never seen you do vocal trance. It was great, good work.

You amaze me

I think your the best trance artist here on Newgrounds i like your music and i like this remix you made how long did it take to make it? anyways awsome job 5/5 10/10
dowloaded faved song faved artist


Mrmilkcarton responds:

A week or so. I don't remember when I started.

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Apr 9, 2009
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