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*Assassin's Call* [IZK]

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Author Comments

Hello Newgrounds. Been working on this for a good week or so. It's still a work in progress... so I just need some opinions on how to expand this or some suggestions, so it's critical that you review, if you can and if you want to.

Consider this as my hardest effort on a DarkStep song. And I mean my hardest effort. Especially when it comes to the bass that you'll hear in the track. Took a while to make that.. a good 2 hours or so messing with Camelphat3, and the internal workings of the 3xOsc, and I think that's how it should be, and same goes for the mastering. I took this seriously... as serious as can be, and here is the proof.

As always criticism is greatly appreciated. Whether good or bad, I'd love to know what your thoughts are. Keep it real~




This an incredible song in my opinion, nice bass, its friggin sweet.
Just wanted to say, its awsome :D

Jenni-Harry4eva3 responds:

Thank you, mate. Glad you liked it. =)


~ey yo~ Que pasa homes?

Sup man, I'm diggin this track. The beginning it starts off with a nice gritty reece accompanied with some bell like pads which is vicious. I also hear some minor percussion going on which fits well with the mood of the song. Then the drums come in bringing the adrenaline to the song. cool as hell on ice.

I can hear the reece morphing during out the whole song which is good keeping it interesting all the way. Also some minor note changes on the reece which is also good.

The only negative thing i hear is that their is a little to much reverb on the drums. I know its meant to bring the excite out on it, but it also causes the drums to become droned out. Other then that its a great track dude! =)

OVERALL, amazing sound son. 10/10 and 5/5.

Current Score

4.31 / 5.00 (+ 0.012)

Jenni-Harry4eva3 responds:

Lol thanks! :D Ah yes, the verb. I've been meaning to update. Haven't had much of a chance but I shall soon. Thanks man lol. Glad you loved it.


yo I'm just gonna copy and paste Nav's review as a template and rewrite because i'm lazy right now XD

I have listened to this type of music on and off for some time, so I'll just say what comes to mind...

1. The break is at a good volume in the mix, I actually like the reverb wheres at right now, gives a good feel of space good rhythms and everything, especially like the ride and other higher register percussion, only thing I might do since the mix is a bit sparce is maybe layer the snare with a non-reverbed, punchy sample

2. Yeah, not a whole lot of movement with the bass, in fact it's very repetitive. It serves more of a texture purpose, and like Nav said, needs more variation (or use it less). I'd definetly dedicate more patterns to that instrument, and have it act as a rhythmic function to go along with the breaks. Mess with modulating the controls more, too. -1 for lack of variations :(

3. Eh, don't listen to Nav XD, keep the pads in throughout, I personally like how they feel, they add some texture goodness, maybe highpass them in the mid section, give some more room for the (sub)bass and kick to breath

4. Fuck sticking with preset, standard song structures. the way you lay out your patterns is not wrong, or even right for that matter. As long as you're not submitting to a DJ do what you feels right to you! I like your arrangement here.

5. I know this is darkstep and your ideas certainly get across- though, I'd really add some more elements in here to make this more evil sounding- fill up some of the high range with simple but creepy melody themes, potentially. Either that, or let the bass SCREEEEEEAAAAM!!!!!!!!!


Erm, I think already gave you some above lol.

1. The intro is decent, gives it a good feeling of darkness. Once again, youve done a great job with the ambient FX, I'm liking the murky but muddy reverb, the dark bell that rings, crisp rain samples, and the subtle pads, swells, and the soft string sounding synth that has

2. The synths are all decent and definetly work- I really like the bass sound, good thick distortion, the swells (or swell hehe) was nice for what it is.

3. Mixing is very good, lots of clarity, good compression without it being brickwall'd

Overall, a good tune for someone who's made a few darkstep tracks in the past XD . I dont think its your personal best, but theres some interesting flavors in here.

Just FYI, I believe mastering refers to the FX that you apply on the master channel for your final version, maximizing the stereo and volume goodness. It's the final render that should sound great on any type of sound system. I may not totally be correct.

Hope this helps. Keep it up as usual :D

8/10, 5/5

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Jenni-Harry4eva3 responds:

Alright! Time for an in-depth review of your review!

1. Well comparing your answer to Nav's, I don't usually have massive reverb on a break, which I don't think was too massive in the least, and thanks for the advice about the snare! I knew it was missing some punch...

2. I know.. I loved the bass too much ._. First time I've made a grimey bass like this. So I plan on using this a bit less, and probably input a low-fi bass instead or a sub. Interesting suggestion... I'll keep that in mind.

3. Yeah.. bit harsh how Nav said to leave 'em out, when they are an integral part of my style. More room for the sub? Gotcha. Time to mess with some frequencies...

4. LOL. :D Thanks for that. A good piece of advice on Nav's part, but I don't like sticking to a set structure for a dnb song, unless I was presenting it to a DJ, as you said.

5. More creepy elements?? Ooohh.. horror fan much? =] I can do. Just like Dark Tempest, I shall make this... into my masterpiece >:D SCREAM BASS WOO! XD haha. Thanks.


1. AH! Decent!... not good enough!! D: I shall try harder on the intro! Lol, I'm just into setting up the mood really. That's my niche there lol.

2. Decent!!! Again! Not good enough!!! D: Hahah. I like da bass too ;3

3. Oh this is interesting! A comment on the mixing! :D Thank you! I was pretty serious about the mixing. Getting my hz and frequencies in order took a while, but I'm getting the hang of it now, as well as all of the compression and volume issues. Usually I half-ass it. I don't know why =/ I just do. But this time around, I decided to just get it all over with and organize all of the sounds and samples I used into the mixer.

Ah true. Well, I don't think this is my best either, because it's still pretty much a WIP lol. It'll be better when I actually get a full thing going. But I say to myself, "Good job on the bass, dammit! Took you long enough!! XD" Oh, and thanks =)

Actually I read up on the mastering process. I didn't know about it till now. But thanks though! That really helped.



not to be offensive but the drums sound like the others (dark tempest),(Shadow trigger) and it is to repetitive. well good luck.

Jenni-Harry4eva3 responds:

Eh.. not necessarily. They sound the same because I use pretty much similar formats. That's why. Thanks though. (This is a WIP mind you. The whole thing will hopefully be better)


Bits of Criticism...

Haven't listened to this stuff for a long time, but I'll just say what comes to mind...

1. The drum loop is not loud enough. It's pushed far to the back and covered in reverb, so it doesn't punch through the mix. Do a major mix revision.

2. The bass just keeps going, doesn't ever take a break, even for a second for some cool drum programming tricks.

3. Pad synth doesn't fit for a darkstep song. Leave that stuff for the intro/outro.

4. Arrangement is incorrect: "64 bar intro, 64 bar main part, 32 bar bridge, 64 bar main part 2, 32 bar outro" is the correct structure for a drum n bass tune. Change it up within each part to add interest.


1. The intro is pretty cool sounding.

2. The synths are all decent and work.

Overall, not a bad tune for someone just starting this type of genre. By the way, don't use the term "mastering." That is a totally different process. What you're actually talking about is "mixing."

Hope this helps.

7/10, 5/5

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4.34 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2009
2:57 PM EDT
Drum N Bass
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3.4 MB
2 min 31 sec

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