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Hello NG!

I'm sure a fair bit of you trance fans know the song Heart of Asia by Watergate!

Well, this is my attempt at remixing it.

I started it yesterday afternoon, and have been working on it a fair bit.

Let me know what you guys think! :D

EDIT (April 7th): I think it's finished. I didn't want to drag this song on forever, you know? :3


Ohhhh that piano is an orgasm to my ears.

Soooo many things could be said about this song. But right now im speechless.

Just... its a fantastic song. My favorite part was at 2:23. I did wish you would have put in more of a kick to that background riff pad though.

You did it justice.

i think you actually made that already epic melody sound even better than in the original. and, i see no flaws in it, the climax at 2:20 flowed in perfectly, the overall sound quality is impressive, and i really love the bassline u used.

Perfect score; 10, 5 and a DL

_-Mach 2-_

let me just say

This is pretty much the best piece of music o've heard all year, but there is such a thing as "too short". for example the climax/drop at 2:22 was only used for 1 cycle of the melody, and it sounded so fantastic. I think it would definitely be worth extending the song to around 4:20 and having a minute extra of that fantastic melody combined with the drums, as well as the sub-melody used earlier in the song

its ur song, but i feel that the best part of it was over before i could really get into it

i would love u long time if u fixxy uppy :D

other than that 5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/

-DJ Zoysa

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Nice bass!

I thought the bass sounded a bit weird in the lowpassed intro, the low low frequencies sound a bit too overbearing through my headphones, dunno if that's because those frequencies are amplified on mine or they're not loud enough on yours so you didn't notice... but anyway when it came in fully at :29 it sounds amazing. My favorite part about it is the saw part that dives down, and how it has reverb on it! It's a big reverb too and your mix is clear enough that it shines through. I rarely get this with songs, only highly well produced ones, but I can actually "see" the bass here, it seems to be moving through space and creates a driving force for this track (lolwut)

The mix sounds amazingly thick, I'm loving the way everything comes together here. The only sound I really don't like is the high hat, not only because it's strangely tinny sounding, but also because it seems to sit on top of the mix, and is really killing some of the depth. I would prefer a shorter, slightly quieter but more punchy sound with more reverb so it would blend in more with the rest of the track.

The other thing that's bothering me is when you high pass the percussion, it gets pretty loud (I'm listening at fairly high volume) It's probably intentional, stuff like this is used to create a dizzying feeling on a club system, but I think it's taking it a little bit far.

The leads in this are very well chosen and beautiful sounding, and of course work perfectly with the melody. You really filled up the high frequencies very nicely, I love that in a trance track, it's what really gives the uplifting feeling. Great reverb on that too.

In fact you used so much reverb in this song which gives it amazing depth, yet everything is clear and your kick stands out O_o wtf teach me...

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Kazmo responds:


Ya the bass was experimental, but I feel it really turned out nicely. It is a tad strong in the low low end, but I don't think it's overbearing, I didn't feel that it distorted or overpowered anything. May just be your headphones, since I used my new puppies to mix this (Stanton DJ Pro 2000). :P

Ya you're right, it does tend to sit on top of the mix, it's sort of what I was going for, I didn't want it to blend toooo much, but I guess it could have been mixed in a bit better, perhaps lower the high highs a bit, and add more reverb. lol I think of this nowwww >.<

Ahh yes, the high pass....lol....I could probably lower the resonance level. I didn't feel it was loud on my headphones though, I wasn't thinking about really loud volumes xD

Heck, I may revisit this. :D

I love making synths :3

All those are 3xOsc if you didn't know already ;P

Ya, I think it may be the compressor in the master channel, yaaaaa I'm gonna revisit this hahahahah. I have new techniques!!!

Thanks for the awesome review and support! :P

Omg love teh bassness.

Your filtering is as smooth as a polished ps2 thats like brand new and sparkly O.o. Ok lol enough of my stupid comparisons this is freaking amazing dude im loving every part of this. The bass is really cool and you really managed to bring this song out in a really artistic deep way that i love =). Amazing job man.


Again with your catchyness O.o.
Love it.

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