Wungeye--_--Goa Trance

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Jesus Christ, have I been inactive. It's my own fault though; constantely working, going to school, hanging with friends, or doing things that are perfectly legal with them ;)

So yeah, the name of this song is actually a joke from chemistry class. This dude was trying to say the name of the dude that refined the periodic table into what it is, but instead of saying his name he said "that one guy". My teacher instantly bugged him and said, "what's 'wungi?' and wrote it down on the board. After thinking about it though, I thought that "wungeye" would sound way more trippy and fitting for a goa trance song.

So here is a goa song inspired by a joke in class, as well as the song "Mahadeva" by Astral Projection.

Keep it easy Newgrounds;


PS: I'm working on an album named "E according to Z", and you can hear the first track named unlimited on my myspace page: www.myspace.com/psyzenon

Be sure to check it out!

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Good stuff.

Not your best, but your best blows me away. This is still a perfect song in my book, and not something I've minded listening to over and over. Good stuff.


At this point im convinced there is no genre you cant do. You NAILED this genre. This is Definitely Goatrance. There is only ONE thing that is missing, which Im sure you can do, infact, I'd like to see it.....Movie lyrics of course :) Man this track is wicked. Not sure what ph0ne was on when he wrote his review, but the melody is PERFECT and not only that but the melody ITSELF is enough trippy sounds to complete this track. The only thing I can say that might give this a better Goa Trance feel, is less melody in the actual bassline. Other than that, its spot on. Take it easy, and if its easy, take it twice

Great Piece!

Nice work as always! I don't know what else there is to say! It's just plain awesome!

So good.

Let's take some acid together :3

PERVOK responds:

I can't find any around here so you have to bring it to me D:

I get that you like psy...

... but this isn't completely psy. I know that it has the drums and bassline and all, but the melody is... too melodic. Not enough trippy sounds like in 1200 Mics or GMS.

However, that doesn't stop it from being a good song. It's very catchy and memorable, and I dig the drum beat variations. However, some nice trippy sounds would be boss.

Keep it easy ZENON

PERVOK responds:

I used to get high and listen to my songs cause they were trippy. Don't tell me there's nothing like that in the song :/

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