Rappin' Fore'er

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yo yo yo
i like to rap
i seriously like to rap
riggity rap rap rappity rap
all i think about is when i rap
i dont sing like a bird or woman
i rap like a man and high five disco dan
rapping is a pasttime that will not go away
rapping is so fun i could do it eery day
rap is like a poem with a funky beat
i rap eery where een on the street
rap is a genre that is in my fave five
when i rap i always do it live
without rap the world would explode
and my body would slowly corrode
rap is a verb and it means to rhyme
since i rap eery day i rhyme all the time
singin is not rapping on the contrare
rapping is better than riding a bear
if i were anyone in the wild west
i would be me cause my raps are the best
in olympic rapping i would come out on top
i would prolly even win a lollipop
i would be so great they would tell me to stop
but i wouldnt cause i need to stay on top
in rap you can say words like dog and homie g
unlike pop where you can barely speak
whoeer invented rap deserves a trophy of gold
because he was so brave and bold
he fought off the haters and popo too
just to bring his genre through
when he did i started to shout
as the rapper inside was pulled out
now i gotta go and rap some more
i wont stop rappin till half past four



I noticed you said Wyze-Stingray isn't good either. Wrong, dude at least his songs sound like ..... well ....... songs. Honestly you should just change your name to MC DestroyABeat. Great songs before they got RE-Uploaded buy a squeaker, ya dig? If I have offended you in any way, you have no idea how much I don't care. :)


Okay, I'm aware that you're not serious. But the thing about a joke is it's supposed to be funny. Therefore, you have failed.

RizzyFizzy responds:

hey yours arent to good either.


this...wow.. I'm slowly starting to lose fucking brain cells!!!! Wow... just... WOW....No really... Wow.. I'm utterly speachless. Deffenatly not the king of rap.. but wow.. you got some lulz out of me.


RizzyFizzy responds:

Yeah if you didnt notice i wasnt really trying to be serious.

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Apr 3, 2009
7:15 PM EDT
Hip Hop - Modern
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