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thank you to all who have clicked or even double clicked this link i did this to get my voice out on newgrounds if you want to have me as an actor please pm me at my page
(don't be afraid to review and rate)
this is also my first submission so please go easy on me

thank you again


Ok, you did a . . .

GREAT job on karthon's "shape collab" skit, Bell45---------->
I mean, I couldn't tell that you voiced both of those at all. You DID, didn't you? I recognized the whole black man voice there too! Heh heh heh Personally I think your mic sounds wonderful, but it's your mixing down that might need some tweaking on. OR maybe you could just rubber band a sock to the end of it. Not getting VERY close to the mic and simply adjusting your projection volume helps too. My set up is beyond ghetto though. Literally, I have the cut out finger of a glove, over my gaming headset mic. Don't get me wrong, I am by NO MEANS a recognizable voice actress or anything. I'll be the first to admit that, BUT I know you've got more in ya than THIS! C'mon! Let your schitzophrenia shine through, Man. Go wild with it. Cram as many personalities as you can think of in there. If you're only gonna have a demo reel under a minute, you gotta maximize your coverage, ya know? Let those animators out there, who've clicked on your reel, KNOW what a Master of Voices you are! Wail 'em out. Pump out some more of those bad boys. You know?
Eh, what am I talking about? I don't even HAVE a demo reel out. Good for you! Keep it up. Best of luck and fine wishes to your future work too, Man.

..........Take care, be good and voice act.period

Bell45 responds:

yeah i did both voices on that project it was fun and im glad i did it
next time i'll get Footloose lol my current stuff is better but they have yet to be released on this site (and i hope the come out soon i like the recent project i was in)
i havent been on here for awhile time to add the big guns to the party and raise hell ...... figuratively speaking of course
thanks for the review


its a little shaky and your mic is peaking - the vocals seem a little forced - you need to work on doing them a bit more confidently. And also a wider range - come on - anyone can do a black man voice hahaha :P


first review! FRESH MAN!

okay Dood. your laugh is deliciously evil LOL. your voices... now i need HONESTNESSNESS man! your lower voices... are they really that low... or are they played through a pitch effect?
well it is very good either way... I think you captured some nice emotions, although try some REALLY angry ones... extremely happy ones... try going Over the top excessive to some subtle tones too. keep practising your ranges aswell! i hope to here another submission with your higher voices :D:D:D
I think your definately talented with voice acting.. but i can sense a little unconfidence in you.. do NOT! fear being loud and absolutely crazy... infact.. it is always the crazy voices we remember the most. next time you submit... go as mental as you ever have gone... go wacky hilarious crazy bonkers... LOL. well, that is my preference HAHA.
none the less. i am impressed. your voices are refreshing, original and some are also very well defined.
I should take a leaf out of your low-range book LOL. thanks for this... it has been an entertainingn and educational experience for me.
take care and enjoy voice acting! :D:D:D

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Bell45 responds:

*sniff* thanks for being so nice and literal at the same time

i can do more voices and i probably will next month for a new submission in the thread

and all the low voices no effects necessary i mean that's how i did the manslaughter voice from twisted metal black

thanks for the review and i will consider going crazy go bonkers next time i do this

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Apr 2, 2009
5:46 PM EDT
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