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This is my last upload for this site.
I'm tired of all zerobombers that ruins for everyone.

Anyway, here you have some pure HARDSTYLE!!!
If you have a subwoofer, i suggest you turn it up.
short song.



First of all, I would like o say this track is AWSOME! It has alot of soul. Now I dont know about your other work, but this is game material! Even movie scene material. I bet you do well with the rave scene! Take it from me! Im old school,38 years old, and have been kicked to the curb all my life in this biz! But the one thing I found out was FCK EM! This is MY PASSION, and I will compose if I want to, compose if I want to,,, COMPOSE,,, IIFF II WWAANNTT TTOO!! I also get great joy out of looking at the numbers of people that listened to the tracks. Alot of people listen to your stuff, and you should always share your music with others like us! ts thaerapy for the soul, and other souls alike! By listening to this here track,, I really cant see why any of your tracks would get a zero, unless some one is being an ASS, and is a hater of true talent my friend! LOL,, I herd the most horific track ever posted here, and even then, I gave him a 3 for originality! Either some one is trying to break you, or they have very little soul, and want to feed off of yours! Go if you must, but dont forget about us other true composers in here that truly like your work! Best of luck, and NEVER BREAK!!

Damn those Zero-voters

I know how it feels to get 0´s now and then. But don´t listen to them, some of them don´t make anything at all but to annoy and upset people.
This is a good song. I like it alot.

Oh dude Im sorry to hear that.

It sounds like you have a lot of potential. Don't let those fuckers ruin your mood. This is your creation and you must be proud of it! But if it is not liked by others don't let them get to. That is all the trolls and bombers want you to do. Ignore the /b/tards and keep doing what your doing.

Also could you tell me what you used to make this because I really want to see if I can do this myself. Another thing is that when the beat was reaching its climax my fingers started to type with the rhythm, so that is a good thing and I hope that gives you a reason to stay.

Charmanzer responds:

you're all right, as i said in my earlier response i decided to continue here=D
I owe you big time.

I use fruity loops (the latest i believe). And then i use a vst plugin called nexus with all the expansions, after finished the song i master it in Adobe Audition, great program and you dont have to be a pro to understand it!

Anyone can make music =) The most important thing if you ask me is the soundquality, so you have to control the levels of all instruments and master it right or else the song can get all muffled up but it depends on your speaker system to or if you use headphones.

Oh and one thing more, there's a guitarplugin in fruity loops that's called "FL slayer". Don't use that :P get DVS guitar vst plugin instead :) but that's only if you wanna do some rock songs ;P long response.... hehe :P thanks for getting me to stay!

That's too bad...

I know the zero bombers are annoying, but just remember how pathetic they are to think that by bombing other submissions and voting up their own actually MEANS something...don't be like them. It happens with animations as well to keep people off the top 50 and get themselves on.

You should check out "Zer0 B0mb" by Druids-Warcry (audio)

Charmanzer responds:

You're absolutely right!
It feels so unfair :P Sometimes when i browse the lists by genre i find awesome songs below 2/5 points. That aint right.
But what is points on a site, you can't win 'em all right? :P

Well, after reading these reviews i decided to continue here!!
big thanks

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Apr 1, 2009
10:18 AM EDT
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