Candy Zoo

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MAC9 - March (Who's Your Daddy?) submission

**UPDATED for better clarity of the vocals overall and particularly in the final verse**

This has taken me ages, mostly due to my unfamiliarity with writing lyrics and recording vocals (also I havent heard any children's songs since I was about 7 so I had to do some research!). My wrote the lyrics by thinking about the things that children enjoy and trying to combine multiple subjects (candy and going to the zoo c'monnnn); the hard part was trying to think of animals that could either by rhymed with a candy or that could be alliterated with one.

I originally tried to do the vocals myself but found my voice to be too boomy, luckily my good friend Frederico Allevato di Puttanesca a la Braziliana visited from Norway so I had him do the singing instead.


We got purple peppermint porcupines,
covered in sticky porcupine spines.
Magical cocoa unicorns,
with great big chocolate unicorn horns


Welcome to the Candy Zoo
Lets have an adventure, just me and you
Well get a map and go wherever you want to


Theres the wizard lizard who spends his time
Conjuring candied lemon and lime
Liquorice fish live in this lake
all they do is bake birthday cake


Welcome to the Candy Zoo
Lets have an adventure, just me and you
Well get a map and go wherever you want to


If you're thirsty we can get some drinks
Fizzy juice from the lollipop lynx
Next stop the giant jellybean giraffe
Have you seen one? I promise youll laugh


Welcome to the Candy Zoo
Lets have an adventure, just me and you
Well get a map and go wherever you want to




Look, its the underground mole patrol
Crawling around in their Tootsie Roll hole
A cookie dough crow flew overhead
He landed and smiled and then he said


You're always welcome at the Candy Zoo
What a great adventure, just me and you
Come back soon and play whenever you want to


-Steel string acoustic guitar
-Classical acoustic guitar
-Whistling skills (funky monkey solo is me whistling with Melodyne love)
-Marimba/Bass Marimba VST
-Glockenspiel VST
-Pizzicato Strings VST
-Piano VST


That was magical!

Now I want to go there. ,_,

curriemaster responds:

$50 and I can show you the way...thanks for the review :).

I have to say :)

I was really depressed before I listed to this song.

It really cheered me up. I hope to see more


it was both funny and easy to listen to

curriemaster responds:

Glad you liked it, now I wish I had put it in the genre "Easy Listening" :P. Thanks very much for the review!


That was awesome! I swear to you, I'm going to have this played at my funeral.

That really was a great song, very professional.

curriemaster responds:

LOL well to be honest I never thought it would make a good funeral song but I guess if you REALLY LOVE candy and zoos then this would be the song for you :P. Thanks very much for taking the time to review!

: )

This song was so good I emailed the link to my (7) friends and they all replied saying that they loved it and would like to hear more like it in the future.


If only some of my friends had Newgrounds accounts, you'd probably in the top 3 in the greatest songs on Newgrounds within a hour.

curriemaster responds:

Hey man great to hear you and you friends liked it so much! I appreciate you linking it to your friends and thanks a lot for the review :D

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