[passione italiana]

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^^^Italian Passion!

i'm so excited to be participating in the Represent a Country contest!

my chosen country was Italy. I went for a Benny Benassi-inspired piece because his success and influence has transcended genres. i think everyone, techno-fan or not, recognizes and loves "satisfaction", so i went with some elements that were unique to his style...the heavy bass, synthesized voice, as well as a basic techno feel.

i hope you enjoy my tribute to Italy!



This sounds like Bennasi
I don't know italian but it sounds good

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zomgkerrie responds:

i'm so glad you liked it! thanks so much for the nice listen and review! please stop back on sat. and vote for it in the finals! :D

Italo Dance FTW!!!

Boy! Long time not listening the good ol' Benassi style bieng executed so well!

What instantly catched my attention about this song was the awesome bassline you made and how you mixed it with the beat, then the voices! ZomG! Where did you find those?

I like the funky synths you used through out the entire thing, but perhaps you didnt took your time to mix those, cause around 1:50 the kick is barely audible, you should really fix that imo, also try pushing up the voices volume, cause its way to low for me to hear them and finally the lengh, try making it longer, 2:40 min its to short for me to enjoy this amazing quallity song ( ;

Nevertheless, well done! If you find some time, try making it longer, but if not, its a still a very good entry ( =

Good luck!

zomgkerrie responds:

well this is the 2nd song i have made with FL so i am still learning to mix and really improve with my songwriting.

thanks so much for the great review! that was so nice! i actually found a text-to-speech thing on the internet, found one with an italian accent, changed my settings to record via my soundcard, typed in what i wanted it to say, and made the sample myself. it was way fun and i was happy with how the voices turned out.

i was nervous about trying to make a piece inspired by such a famous artist like Benassi, so i'm glad that i did it some justice.

perhaps after teh contest i could try making an extended mix or even mixing it better!
thanks for the listen and review!


This is so awesome! I don't know what else to say! It makes me feel worried about my chances in the contest though. Italy and Isreal both start with the letter i. That was random. Other than that though, our entries are completly different.

You got some-a spicy a-skillz here!


zomgkerrie responds:

awww <3 for penguin! thanks so much for the listen and review! your song has song awesome elements as well! it will be fun to see how things turn out. i have to get past the semi final round first though;)

Mmm I remember

>.O I still digg this song, fav'd. 5'd. Definitely some injustice on the grading here. Huzza for 5x voting power

zomgkerrie responds:

i think i've been targeted by 0 bombers:<

i'm so glad you like it! thanks so much for the nice review adn listen! and thanks for the vote! <3

Dance Italia!

Interesting song. It's personally not what I usually listen to since the bass synth is very "bumpy". But it's got a nice flow to it.

The intro was nice with the effects on the synth and the voice saying whatever-it-was-saying-in-Italian. 0:39 is pretty nice too with the entrance of that odd sound. Reminds me of bubbling water. :P

This is certainly dancable to. It's not my favorite type, but by all means it's really well done and I think a very strong contender for the Italy spot. :D Good luck! :D

~Phyrnna ^_^

P.S. Check out my Represent a Country song? :D

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zomgkerrie responds:

the words are:
italy. my passion. my fire. my country. my love.

but its with a cool italian accent:D

thanks for stopping by and taking a listen! even though it's not really your style of music:D
i also had fun with the "lighter" sound at :40. i wanted to lighten it up a but before it got too heavy!
well, i certainly hope for the best and think the semi final will be a total blast, no matter the results! will for sure stop by and take a listen!

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