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In Search of Alice

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Author Comments

In Search of Alice is a part of the Indigo Project. A part of the musical score for a feature film that is in production. This emotional little piece is written for PeterĀ“s struggle to save Alice from her dark wonderland. Reviews are greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoy.


I feel a bit odd reviewing a 5 year-old piece, but I shall do so.

The general sound and flow of this piece is quite nice, the first 30 seconds are a good introduction. The choice of instrumentation/synth is appealing for the most part, there's some variety throughout the 8 minutes, which is almost always essential if you're going to write a track of this length. Towards the middle-end, the track picks up some energy.

There's a couple of things you could work on: while I think this track, like the other one, is coherent in what it's trying to do and there are certainly no glaring mistakes, there's still that lack of a thread tying the whole thing together. There are individually appealing bits, but it doesn't have that almost intangible quality that carries you through a piece, particularly something that's meant to be cinematic.

But if we try and break it down into more tangible components: I think while the general sound here is better rounded, more focussed and more natural than your other track, I still think a lot of the progressions are quite weak. Think of really great piece of music and think of how each section does two things (a) justifies itself by making a point of some sort (b) carries you into the next section. Great music almost sounds *effortless* in how it does that. I think you need to work on crafting more engaging melodies, understanding your chord progressions, and filling out the sound a bit more. I think it'd be a good exercise to analyse specific parts of the track to clarify what I mean:

(1) 0:00-0:33 - I thought the opening was really nice with its piano line, had a bit of a wandering quality
(2) 0:34-0:48 - Synths overlay the same idea.
(3) 0:49-1:20 - Here is where I spot my first real problem. The piano continues playing the same thing, in the same tone. A solo violin overlays a repetition of the synth and piano. It makes it feel like more stuff is just being lumped on rather than organically joining the mix. While of course there is room for repetition in music, it's not clear what the main idea is here, and the ingredients aren't really gelling. And the violin arrangement isn't that good, it needs to be a more dynamic. You could've used this opportunity to craft a strong identity for your piece, something that could help be the glue that links it all together.
(4) 1:21-1:37 - The same problem, with a cello now thrown on. I feel like it was crying out for fuller chords at this point.
(5) 1:38 - 2:25 - This whole section suffers from some not very engaging arrangements. Again they feel like 'bits' rather than part of something more organic.
(6) 2:26 - 2:56 - This bit injects a bit of much-needed energy and where the track generally picked up.
(7) 2:57 - 3:41 - This was a nice diversion from the other stuff. But again some understanding of chords would've gone a long way to helping fill out the sound. For example at 3:45 you basically have, or at least the track suggests an inverted open-voiced E minor chord, but you've only put in the 3rd and the 5th. Adding the 'E' note (root) would've made that more powerful. Personally I would've used a standard uninverted Em, with a strong G whole note which carries down to half note Gflat, then down to half note E. Then moved to an inverted CMaj chord. Yes, not an amazing progression, but has a little zest, and crucially fills out the sound a bit.

Again, understanding how and where to the right thing is something that comes with practice, and there's an intangible quality about good music but I hope those examples help to explain what I'm getting at, and that this review is of use to you.

very nice

even though im not a fan of this kind of thing, i could help myself. it was put together very nicely, and audio was top quality. everything flowed from one thing to another very smoothly and i was truley impressed with how good this was. it never got old, repetitive or stale, which is a must with longer tracks like this. great work man.

Bitca responds:

Thank you for your review, sir. I am glad you enjoyed. Other songs from this upcoming production will be posted at www.youtube.com/TheIndigoProduction, if you have any interested in checking it out. Once again, thanks for taking the time to listen-- your honesty was appreciated.

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4.10 / 5.00

Mar 28, 2009
7:22 PM EDT
File Info
7.9 MB
8 min 45 sec

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