Unbroken Dream

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This is my first VST and soundfonts song made with FL Studio to completely utilize distorted guitars. It's a remix of an old MIDI of mine, completely converted and revised into a song that fits MP3 and genre standards. Spent three days working on this to get the sound I wanted, as I was originally a MIDI composer (which was, I admit, way easier than DAW composing). I hope you enjoy it.

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after reviewing your last song, i checked back today. and to my surprise you actually responded. so i decided to take the time and check into the rest of your music. after all, one song does not make an artist, where one song lacks another could prosper. and i actually really enjoyed this song. onto the review. expect me to review all if not most of your songs. :D

the intro was a little sketchy when it was one guitar by itself. but it fixed itself as soon as the lead came in. really awesome melodies, like seriously sick melodies man. and the choir was nice. i liked when you scaled over the choir without any drums. that was very nice. i don't even see any eq problems in this song either. it has a very great flow and harmony. the piano bit was awesome as well. the one part i didn't like was the transition from the intro when it was the bass and the leads. i don't know why, but that part only lasted for a little bit anyways. i think its because its like, you picked me up with the fast intro and then dropped me with the slow lead and bass riff. then picked me back up again. i normally would try to suggest a solution, but i cant think of any.

all in all, for a starting out song its superb, and even if it wasn't a starting out song. then its still superb, and superior to most video game songs. but this is an original. which is awesome. keep it up. and expect me to review again and again.

5/5 (+0.020)

rtnario responds:

You should know that I always respond to all my reviews. If people say something about my work, they have a right to know that I acknowledged it. :) Even though this was one of my very first songs, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

The intro? Yeah, I've heard that people were always saying it sounded odd. The melodies were one of my very firsts, and it was actually in MIDI before it ever turned into Unbroken Dream! The EQ is kinda odd here, but I guess it makes the overall product clear. Sorry for the transition though; I really intended it to be that way. XD

Thank you so much for your in-depth review! Yep, this is one my few originals that are completely finished...but the very original version of this was made around 2007. I guess I take too long to make songs, but in the end I'm glad they're appreciated!

Again, thanks so much, and I look forward to your reviews. :D

Awesome song!

I enjoyed the lead guitar very much, and the melody was great. The one thing stood out to me was how the song built on itself. The sort of angelic choir sound that started at 0:48 really fit into the song. My favorite aspect of the song is when at 1:25 the song deconstructs itself then builds again, adding the instruments back for a powerful transition to the outro. Great job!

rtnario responds:

For the third time, thanks so much! But this time, it means a lot more, since you took the time to review properly one of my very first songs, which lacks a certain quality & requirement that I now have all the time. Even still, this song is MUCH more important than...pretty much all the others I have in my account as of now, since it is completely original. Not a remix of anything, but my very own creation.

Thank you for the review and the fav! An original will come again...someday...^^

here i am, back for more^^

and, as i saw, it was a good decision to listen to ur music again^^
this is kinda cool, surprisingly, bcause it's not my genre of music...
melody --> very cool
instruments --> cool
style --> well.. Yeah! :D
but i was missing a bit voice acting... i thought, this was typically for this type of music? but its still an awesome song^^
5/5 9/10
MfG FrEzil

rtnario responds:

Voice acting in this song? Hmm, I personally think that won't work ^^'

If you're gonna talk about my genre of music and composing, even I cannot directly describe it in any other way but "video game with power metal influences". That can't be right, but can't be wrong either. See, even I, as the composer, find it hard to put my music in a genre XD

Also, I expected a lot of people who listened to my newer works complain about quality in this song, since this was one of my first steps into the style I have today. It's good that you aren't one of them and hear this song for what it truly is =)

Thanks for the review! (2 down, 4 to go)

Extra Trivia: The original MIDI is one of my very first MIDI compositions (actually, the 2nd ever). It was codenamed "Broken Dream" (see what I did there? XD) and has pretty much the same set of instruments as this remix, except that the ending's different and the tempo's slower. It is called "Midology Episode 1 - Mid Evolution" (as part of a tribute to my favorite band's Sidology triolgy) and is available for download at the blog link posted in my comments.

...that is, if you're interested enough. ^^'

This is awesome.

would go in this flash game i have here completed, can i use your song in it?

rtnario responds:

Thanks, and I don't see why not. =)

just so you know this wasnt my choice

i asked my brothers what they would rate it. one i have 3 and they said 7, 8, and 9 so i averaged it. personally i say 9 and im giving you a 5 as well

rtnario responds:

Wow, so my first review here is pretty well-considered I guess XD
Thanks much. ^^

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