Xyirx - Dragon's Heart

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Album: Draconity
Track #05


There's a story behind it though. :)


0:00 - 0:33
A young dragon warrior groans as he tries to get up from serious
blast a moment ago and meanwhile turns around to see corpses of dragons scattering
all over the room. They all died in pain. Pools of blood stain on them,
flowing down to the floor and dye it red. He's in terrible shock,
but deep down inside lies a determination to find out who caused such madness
to his kins.


0:33 - 1.26
He stumbles as he tries to walk deeper into the room. Suddenly,
there's a faint figure appears before him. He quickly questions
who it is, and a familiar voice is spoken back. His eyes grows
wide because he recognizes that was a voice of his father, who has
left him 10 years ago.

Father greets him with a blood-stained sword in his grip. And
young dragon asks him what has happened to all his friends.
Father then chuckles and tells him that he killed them all
because he wants them to disappear from this world, so he can
be the strongest dragon ruler in this world.

Young dragon could not believe he hears those words from his father,
and therefore asks him to stop this slaughtering at once.
Father says he could not do so, and if his son were to stop him,
he has to kill him first.

Young dragon couldn't stand the pain of fighting with his father,
but he has no choice. Suddenly, they break out a sudden battle.

After several moves, Father has cornered young dragon and is about
to thrust the sword directly to heart. However, as he's laughing
and compliments his son for being good at sword, young dragon
quickly let loose from his dad's grip and thrust to the heart
of his father.


1:26 - 2:15
Father moans in pain and recoils back as if something is pulling his
head. Young dragon is still in shock since he just stabs a sword
through his father's heart. He plods toward the body who is falling
onto the ground, and talks to his father for the last time. Father
breathes weaker and weaker and says sorry to his son. Young dragon
cries out loud as he insists that he has to do it and say that he
loves him very much even though he has not been with him for a decade.
The memory of his childhood still has been engrained in his soul.
Father smiles to him as he bids farewell....


2:15 - 3:03
As Father's soul ascended, an evil spirit who had taken over his body
seeps out from his heart and taunts young dragon that it is him
who has changed Father's heart to a Black Heart filled with hatred
and desires.

Young dragon could not let him get away and quickly battles with him.
He asks for the power of light to cleanse the evil soul and the evil
eventually disintegrates in the circle of light.


3:03 - End
Young dragon looks through rays of light which have shone down from
the broken roof and ceiling....Another day awaits him.

"Good bye....Dad."


Thank you very much for reading. I hope you enjoy it.

Please vote!! And drop some comments too. Be reasonable though.

Track #06 is coming....probably soon(er than you think).

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Brilliant Music and a story to match

Great work!
Everything about this piece was quality:
[*]The way each movement of the song subtly transitioned into the next.
[*]The haunting sounds of the choir in the background.
[*]The keyboard playing the main melody and tieing the rest of the instruments together.

The music stirs up the imagination and will never get old...

Xyirx responds:

It is my honor. :)

Holy crap. One word. EPIC.

This song is amazing, I really need to listen to some more of your work. The melody is solid and the support instruments and choir fit it perfectly.

Kudos to you!.. :p

Xyirx responds:

Thank you so much. :) I appreciate your review.

Great song with an entertaining story.

The story shines clearly within the notes of your song. This is a masterful piece. The transitions are seamless, the instruments all blend perfectly, none of the instruments compete for who is loudest. The tempo changes, crescendos, and decrescendos are tastefully executed. I would like to give some constructive criticism, but your mastery has rendered such a feat impossible. Great job.

Xyirx responds:

I think this is one of the best pieces I've composed in my life so far. To get such compliment from other people means priceless gifts. I am glad you like the dynamics of the song. I spend quite a lot of time on it. :D



Seriously, the song sent chills down my spine. It was that epic. The story is awesome too. The way you transitioned from one movement of the song to another was simply great. =)

5/5, 10/10

Xyirx responds:

Thank you so much for reading the story. I know it was lengthy. xD Glad you enjoyed the song. :D


I love it when music itself tells a story (though its most obvious if there's lyrics...jk!). Absolutely great piece, I hope more people would appreciate this!

Xyirx responds:

Thank you for dropping a review here. :D I'm glad you have enjoyed it.

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