Divinity Spectre

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intro i was playin around with acid, so if you dont like it, just wait till main melody pops up

cool little synth i made in 3xOsc

enjoy review vote fav dowload, you know the drill

peace out


a poem for zero bombers

"you bomb all my tracks, each and every one,
every time it gets on top, your work has just begun,
but deep down, in my heart of hearts, i really could care less,
your just jealous to know the fact, That SigmaSpore's the best"




...have a ten.

Fuck Zero Bombers,Fuck Zero Bombers,Fuck Zero Bombers,Fuck Zero Bombers,Fuck Zero Bombers!!!!!!

SigmaSpore responds:


fuck them

Dance Dance

Nice little flang going on there. The sharper bass was cool, especially when the other waa sound came in, although, there could have been a little more variation since it was sort of playing the melody. Was definatly bouncing during the beginning part. Im not really sure how well the two parts go together. They have really different styles. Keeping the same drums and bass retain the song's wholeness but you could probably turn this into two tracks. I really liked the initial pad that started the second half, sort of wished it didnt get drowned out by the lead(nice filtration).

Cool Stuff 8/10 5/5 2.81 / 5.00 (+ 0.40)

SigmaSpore responds:

im glad you liked the bgining a actually worked hard on it, as easy as it might be

peace out

Nice! Me likee!

Funny thing is that I like the beginning the best though hahahaha

Something about that beat is sickening. Maybe it's the energy it has. Maybe it's that little synth that comes in around 0:41, maybe it's that noise synth where the cutoff keeps changing.

In the second section, there are some things that could be adjusted a bit:

The main synth could be turned down a bit. It's just a bit too overbearing. Furthermore, that last melody's individual attack points should be brought out a bit more. For those parts with the fast attack, I would consider shortening the length of the note a bit, so that the note isn't coming back in right after another one leaves, especially since there isn't much decay, if any at all, on the synth.

I like the variation on the drumbeats on the end. Well, I have to say, I like the drums especially in this song.

All in all, I have to say that you're getting better and better as you go. One of my favorite things is to watch someone grow and improve.

And to answer your question, I actually did finish something. It's already on my profile. I decided to call it Revolution X, since it just sounded like a cool name.

Oh and I forgot to mention, nice name choice for this song.

SigmaSpore responds:

i like watching people improve too

i actually tried real hard on the volume on the lead synth, but i think i actually am gona go back and lower it later on

ill check out ur track as soon as i can


That was a very well made song. The beat was technical, and it had a little bit of something for everyone. Good speed, and complex synthwork only added to the fun. 9/10 4/5. JUST short of perfection. Perhaps it was the last couple seconds of silence that irked my a little. But who cares right? Good work. :D

SigmaSpore responds:

LOL i thought the ssame thing about the long silence at the end, lol yeah im not gona waste my time to fix it though

im glad you liked it i tried super hard on this

in the words of Sonata Arctica, "good enough is good enough for me"

peace out thx for review

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3.67 / 5.00

Mar 25, 2009
9:47 PM EDT
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