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Deceitful Conscience(P. Zajed)

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Title: Deceitful Conscience
Artists: Burly & DeX
Produced By: Zajed - Sitting and Waiting (Link: http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/123547)
Mixed and Mastered: InGenius (Thanks a lot again my n***a for the favor, you know I always appreciate it.)

Alright guys, this is the lyrical massacre of 2009 :) This track was made for lyrical purposes and before everyone starts getting crazy on how the lyrics don't make sense, make sure you pay attention because there is a message behind this track.

*Sorry about the hook, not enough room to get it in here, but you should be able to figure that out*

Burly's Verse 1

twine for my subjects puppets rise gradually
thought to substance lost clutch on reality
but a mere casualty cause reverse gravity
can be mentally damaging battling statically
attack telepathically anatomy is vanishing
brandishing the fallacy somethings coming after me
stabbing me happily laughing with savagery
assault and battery cage you thought it was ink on a page
Let me sink into your veins Like razor blades in a suicidal rage
defiled saints in the wake of our destruction
Walls crumble from bomb shell concussions
mind stumbles, blood pumping obstructions
introduction to mind consumption redefined abduction
through these lines of instruction abrupt induction of corruption
the covenant loves crushing em into nothing

DeX's Verse 1

Infusion of my body and soul cushions my essence
Illusions of contusions containin' an evil presence
this lesson forever embedded within my vengeance
intrudin' tenants steadily' amplifyin' aggressions
the heavens open rapidly the road to insanity
vagrancies of vanity obstructs my mentality
the faces of reality reveal clarity
deities become liabilities to my entity
explicitly damagin' to my mobility
only then I experience an epiphany
tied to boundaries within' my psyche
a bounty put on me by afflictions
my vision slurred by these depictions
stricken and constricted into renditionthis prison
forcin' me to listen to the demented
invented reflections of the repented
resented for sadistic intentions, manifestin' infections

{Burly's Verse 2}

Scars effect precedence
regrettably embedded heritance
I spread it through heretic narratives
Would you care to give some air to live
Expired from less fortunate lives
societal subordinate ties vital to coordinate crimes
all within my confines This breath the cause of death in an instant
the bane of existence for those with persistence
the reason why we're distant from our innocence
torment limitless, reborn into remanence
imminence of war, formed from its dependants
Torn from adolescence by the dawn of a resonance
spawned in dimensions of the legends
wreckless Bludgeon foes with a spoken sentence
6th sense witnessed a living dead existence
all physical diminishes your contingence malicious
the sickness the entrance infectious hate delicious
when you taste the vengeance

{DeX's Verse 2}

Forces generatin' a pain
creatin' hate for the psychotically insane
dislocatin' this strain livin' in vain distaste
settlin' in spaces of disgrace entangled in contraints
to masticate what's left of my life
the gates of theft relyin' on these lies
enticed by cries of poltergeists
disguised as my vicious malignance, developin'
feelin's of malevolance towards maliciousness
pernicious to the mischief of reason
ceasin' feelin's bringin' treason feedin' on
the greed that eats him, concedin' these lesions
releasin' a barrage of mirages a montage of assumptions
the resumption of eruptions causin' nothin' but destruction
this is where I cease to function the productions
creatin' spontaneous combustions
contained within conductions of reluctance
only to suffer the repercussions

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Jesus couldn't have said it better XDD

This stuff is incredibly prophetic and full of substance that could go on for ages and ages within the confines of the deepened psyche--like a delayed capsule, it'll blossom into a form of enlightenment that will ripple through the trodden souls, the soldiers of the everyday...

My own trodden soul has been uplifted, resurrected, and clarified by your lyrics. Thank you for this precious ampule of highly concentrated Truth, I needed it badly.

uh amaziing!

This is amazing, i can see your bright future! :)

HeLLsGaUrDiAn responds:

Thanks for the review and comments. Stay up.

dunno what to say

I see that the top list of the week the most are rap songs.

HeLLsGaUrDiAn responds:

And the top songs of the week usually consist of every other genre besides hip-hop, your point being? I'm not sure whether or not you liked our song but I do see that you gave this track a 10 so I'll assume you do. Thank you for reviewing our track, stay up.


this is really good. The lyrics, the beat, everything is amazing. be sure to keep it up man. 10/10.

HeLLsGaUrDiAn responds:

Thanks for the kind words, we're gonna keep going if people keep listening. Stay up.

Beyond Comprehension

Goddamn this is really good. This is how hip hop should be.
The way main stream hiphop is now, made me stop liking it years ago because the way its changed.
You guys did really good with this. there is not much hiphop ive downloaded. This is a must download here. I mean really now, this is standards beyond anything comprehensionable. Great work.

HeLLsGaUrDiAn responds:

We're glad that you can enjoy our track, thanks for the review and comments. Stay up.

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4.88 / 5.00

Mar 25, 2009
7:24 PM EDT
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