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Patterns: 30
Instruments: 16
BPM: 135
Bars: 189
Duration: 5:37
Days to complete: 15

As of late, my biggest influence has been the Bag Raiders, amongst other Australian electronic groups/artists, also, Grafton Primary, Deadmau5, various Newgrounds artists, and then inspiration spreads out to the more experimental electronic acts, then broader and broader, in which point I'll say that music is the most inspirational factor in my life.

Author's Comments-
This is the most detail, I feel, that I've put into any of my own original songs to date. Upon completing this track, I felt like I really accomplished something. I've been making a fair bit of music like this one lately, and I just wanted to keep it up, to make something fun, something energetic, and have fun and learn new things as I did that. I hope you like what I've made here. I worked hard trying to get all the sounds sitting right, and while I'm still no professional, I think it's alright. So please, listen, critique, vote, enjoy.


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This is a very nice track, and it has a "fun" feeling and some very intresting effects...
It needed stronger drum beats though...
And sometimes it had too many things going on at the same time...but l liked it nonetheless!
Oh, and l loved the last 30 seconds..

WritersBlock responds:

Yeah, I'd like to tweak around with the drums a bit, I think.
Thanks for the review, tank! <3


The synths were pretty good, but the drums felt a bit off (kinda weak?), and it feels like it needs a good bass line to fill it out. The synth at 2:40 did a lot to fill in the mid range though.

What's there sound great, but it feels a little empty. I think a little mastering could go a long way with this one.

WritersBlock responds:

I only had the bass in certain parts of the song, as I felt it would have drowned out other parts of the song and been well out of place. I'll admit that percussion isn't my strong point, and in the hands of a professional, it probably would have sounded better, but I've done a lot worse in the past. Thanks anyway for the criticisms, it'll be something I'll try to improve on in the future.
Thanks a bunch.

rabble rabble rabble

Meow. Not a bad mix going on here. Not my genre but I'll try to leave a helpful review...

You've definitely improved a lot since the last time I gave you a listen. One thing I would have tried doing was push the general characteristics of the synths a bit more. Some of those square sounding waves could have done with a slight boost to the treble and the bassier instruments could have used a tad more bass.

I'm not sure how much automation you do if any but using it to modulate the synths in the sequencer is a pretty good tactic for getting sexy sounds and morphing pads/leads.

I might turn that cow bell down a tad and up whatever is giving the snare it's mids. Rhythm isn't something I get too picky about when it comes to a four to the floor genre, but perhaps a little bit more variation in the hats would be splendid.

The structure is pretty interesting. The track unrelents. Most pros will put in an ambient break down specifically for DJs to use to switch in and out of tracks. If you really want to know more about standardized structures, talk to Nav... granted, it's not like it really matters that much. Ya know, it's not like you plan on getting into DJing, or plan on having someone mix your work, so meh. Kittens.

You're absolutely right about this song. It's not professional but it's still pretty good. You're almost at that level sir. You just need to learn a few more little tricks and I'm sure you'll be cranking out the jams like a pro right soon. Hopefully someone who works with this genre will come around and leave a better review for you, but in the mean time keep producing the tunes!


WritersBlock responds:

Thanks a while lot, Quarl!
Your tips and suggestions are very helpful. I'm so glad to hear that you've noticed an improvement, makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. As far as what professionals do, well I've never really been able to hone in on how they do it.
As for automation, there was some in my chord progression and lead instrument, but it was all kinda subtle. ;D Mostly to give a slightly different sound, but to also pull the instrument down a little more and highlight other aspects of the mix.
Thanks again, quarl. :D

Cool (:

I love the way it kinda build up in the begining and turn out in a great mello :D


Keep it up!

WritersBlock responds:



I really really like the beat on this.
my favorite part starts right after 1:10.
Well what can I say about this piece.
I love the steady beat.
Love the Drums
Love whatever it is at 2:38
love everything after 4:40 as well
And I like how slowly , but surely it fades out at the end losing
instruments and all

Well 5/5 and 9/10 from me
good job man I'm gonna fave this song

WritersBlock responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you like it.

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4.00 / 5.00

Mar 25, 2009
11:35 AM EDT
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