St0rm - Joy 'o Mtic

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Here is a short piece of my latest work.
It was going to be deep trance, but now its joy trance xD.
When im listening to it, i feel kinda happy.
So this is a good song for ppl who are depressed. (dont suicide ! you have my song ! )
Or perhaps this song is the reason why you would commit suicide =P

Anyway, please tell me how you liked it.
I felt like i achieved a new level at making music, cause this one here is slightly better then all of my previous songs.

Greets St0rmChaser

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..So i was looking at this knife i have sittin' on the table and thought, damn that sure is one fine looking knife... i want that knife in me.. but then i heard THIS....

...and died of sugar overdose.
Luckily god was cool enough to let me use his laptop to review this.

well, it's good that you try new things, that thing when you're planing on making something (dream trance in this example), and then you make something else, that happens to me all the time man. I do hate it sometimes when that happens :D.

Ok thyme fo' da proppa review, well the intro reminded me of your generic cristmas song, so i looked outside to see if it was snowing but i got a chocholate egg in my face.

I like the pass from 0.40 - 0.43 that came out nicely. Well you still have your production and mastering skills, the song ain't bad, not my style though, and still too early in development to give a proper rating. So i can't come up with any usefull constructive criticism, sorry mate.

Well it has no noticable flaws, it ain't bad.
Im giving this 9/10 4/5, cuz you cartainly can build on this, and I don't doubt you will, StYleChanger XD.

Anyway it was nice talking to ya man,
I'll be seein ya.

St0rmChaser responds:

lol =P thanks for the good and funny review peck.
Perhaps stylechanger would be a good name for me to yea xD.

Well, make sure to let me know when you have made something,
Dont hesitate to PM me ^^ ill review.

Take Care,

well what can i say?.....

Amazing mate you have stunned me again with your music. So happy and jumpy feel to it it made me just wanna dance in the fields under rainbow skys (yep i havent taken my medication yet lol)
I am thrilled by this and can wait till the full.
The intro was perfect with a nice sequence then a nice lead and bass.
All it needs from 43 secs onwards is background ambience or sequence or something but good job mate.

DJ Synthex

St0rmChaser responds:

hey Mate,

Good =D glad you like it.
Yes at 0.43 seconds i should add another melody to variate.
I also need to place some hats and claps to.

Msg me when you have a new song btw =D

take care,

Insert summary here

To start a track with an impact and jump straigh to the melody aint exactly original no dj friendly, but I guess it works in all it simplicity since it doesnt sound diretly bad:P I love propper intros though so I'd love to hear what you can come up with for this one:)
ANYWAY! On to the song. I dont know what to think of the piano... On one hand I like the first half part of the melody, but those high notes in the second half part of the melody doesnt really work out for me:S You should also try to add some dynamics by making the pads/chorus thingies follow another melody then the piano instead of just making them follow the same pattern (I dont think I explained that well what I actualy mean but I hope you get the point none the less:P).
The snare fills with the kicks as impacts are nice. Even though they're simple they sound like a natural part of the song and works great:)
Then a synth starts to play. In the same way as with the piano I dont't quite know what to think of the melody. At one hand the first half of the melody kicks fucking ass! But on the other hand I dont like the second half of it.
The synth itself needs to be more powerfull somehow. It needs to "stand out" a little more and have that punchy feeling feeling to it.

The little break you had before the climax worked out nice and managed to established some kind of excitement:) The climax as souch is ok but nothing interesting though. I'd suggest you try to layer a high pitched synth on top of your bass that follows the same melody and rythm as the bassline.
At the point at 0:55 I kinda felt let down. I thought some hats or claps or something would occure, but instead you left me hanging without any variation which get kinda boring in the long run.

In general: This best thing about this track is the progression. You managed to beatifully string each part of the song togeather and establish a good flow, which is pretty fucking important when making music (in my opinion:P), but I felt like some of the sounds (especially in the climax) melted togeather and consumed each other a little. I think this is a question of mastering though, which is pretty fucking hard, and as souch I understand that this problem can be hard to deal with. I personally experience this kind of shit all the time when im making music myself, and I know what a pain in the ass it is since I suck at mastering-.-
I think some bell synths would fit nicely into this song but only if you could arange them porperly. Otherwise they'd probably ruin the song and make it sound odd.
You should also try n' fix that melody (the second half of it that is).
The score of 8/10 is more like 7,5/10 though, so the reason i made it 8/10 and not 7/10 was mostly out of kindness;)

That's about it, I guess:P As usual I suggest that you send me a message if anything isn't understandable:)
Cheers, and happy mixing!


St0rmChaser responds:

Wow, thanks again for your fantastic review.
At last i have an 8 xD, but you did it more out of kindness so it does not count =P
With the next submission i will try to get a real 8.

About the second half of the main melody, i completely agree with you.
The first half is quite catchy but the second one is not catchy at al.
I tried to make something that could catch a listener in the intro.
im very proud on that add at 0.13 / 0.14. it sounds exactly how i would like it to sound.

things im definately going to change :

the second half of the melody
A second synth to the melody for a more powerfull synth.
Perhaps a countermelody for the mainmelody.
Trying a higher pitch on the bass.

Im not completely sure what you meant with variating the arp/pad.
where and how do i have to change that ??
it now follows the bassline, should i change that ??
Thanks again for the great review,

Take Care,

happy tune!!

yeah, this is happy trance and I'm not very sure about commiting suicide right now lol

make this longer & keep the beat up!!!!

St0rmChaser responds:

LoL =P good !! I rescued a life xD.
Yup i will definitely make this longer ^^
glad you liked it.

take care,

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Mar 24, 2009
5:17 PM EDT
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