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A Twisted Surfacing

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Author Comments

So I've spent God knows how much time on this stupid song, and I finally think its finished.

But to me personally, it sounds a very tiny bit off. namely towards the end. review and let me know what yall think and i'll do my best to revise it if need be!!



Once again You simply amaze me. This has to be the best one you have done to date . You are growing musically. You can hear it in the melody but I really like the rythem and the beat syncapation .

I do have to say I agree with the comment someone else made about the hi-hat . I cant wait to hear what you come up with to layer it with.

Twistedtechnology responds:

glad you liked it and I'll see what i can do in the future with the hi hat!!!


that was a tasty panning LFO in the start. Placement was great, love how it was way in the back of my headphones swirling around while the drums were in front.

haha, i must say i love how your trance style is hardly like the typical trance format- i mean, you lay down the four to the floor beats, got the electronic sounds flowing throughout, but once you lay down the beats, the synths duel each other with solos like a guitaroff, haha. I love it. its not the typical pattern on pattern buildup.

i shall start with the criticisms. My really only one being your sounds, some of 'em are a bit stale, such as the hi-hats are a very recognizable sound, so perhaps layer them with some different samples. Personally a sliced VEC loop in here would work nicely, a fatten out the hi hat lines a bit. Some of the synths I've heard you use a few times in previous songs. Really all I'm trying to get at here is include some more originality by just tweaking up the sounds a bit and experimenting some. I mean there is nothing wrong with using presets at all, after all their sounds designed by pros and they do sound good, but its always nice to hear a fresh synth and bring your musical style a bit forward some more.

I'd also bring up the snare a bit more with a tad of compression or the soundgoodizer exciter. Maybe put a tad of distortion on the bass to bring it up a bit.

With that aside, the piece was excellent. Even with some of the recognizable sounds, they fit together nicely. Melodies were excellent as usual, love how they remain diverse throughout the whole track, and flow exceptionally well.

Some of the sounds that I really liked was the panflute, I'd give that some chorus to bring it out more, and that one instrument that sounded like bells with a long release was really nice. They blend together to create some cool textures.

Ending with the choir like synth was sweet too man, all around great ambience fused with interesting melodies and trancey beats makes for a solid track here, folks!

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Twistedtechnology responds:

thanks and glad you liked it!! yea i probably should start flirting with tweaking the synths a bit. even find a new one here or there. im getting kinda tired having to look at the same selection every time i open the stupid thing up lol. any decent freeware synths you could point me to?


Agreeing with the previous review, this may be one of the best songs I've heard on this site. It has constant stream of sound yet it's constantly changing, keeping the listener tuned in for more. I feel like this song could be in a film, or a major video game, or something along those lines. Phenomenal piece.
Downloaded, 5/5, 10/ 10.

keep 'em comin mate.

Twistedtechnology responds:

As I said to him, I thank you a million for your review!! I spent countless hours constantly changing synths, re-writing melodies, automating, and who knows what else. I can honestly say i've put about 2 weeks of work into this song, and while making it, i was constantly going through emotional stress. Job, broke up with my girl, that kind of stuff. So every time i got on my computer, even though i tried to keep the feel fluent and smooth throughout the whole song, I brought something new to the piece. Lol even had a power surge kill my AC adapter before i could finish this.

Again, It means a lot to hear you guys think that this may be one of the best songs on the site. Even if its just the opinion of you two, it doesn't depreciate the value of your comments in the least!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for yall's scores and reviews!



Another song to add to my faves this is one of the best i've heard on Newgrounds, this is going to get posted on my youtube account Legendsofyootube. me and my mate take all the best newgrounds music and put it on there anyway you have 6 5/5 votes so you should stay in the high scores for a while

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Twistedtechnology responds:

im glad you think its one of the best on newgrounds :) wow there were six of them?!!? thats awesome! yea this should stay up there for a decent bit of time then XD

thanks for the review!


This is amazing,I loved the beats and how the transition comes in.Kind of a dark mysterious tune to me,just simply amazing :D

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Twistedtechnology responds:

I deeply appreciate your comment and vote !! :D Again, I've spent so much time on this that i've actually lost track of how long i've been working on it; and I am extremely happy to hear you like it so much!

Thanks a million.


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Credits & Info

4.37 / 5.00

Mar 22, 2009
3:25 AM EDT
File Info
4.5 MB
4 min 54 sec

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