Penguin Collision

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ok done taking names and the best and funniest one was Penguin Collision, so there you have it, the name

vote, review, FAV ME!!!, download

and if you download, please review, i think its weird that ppl DL and dont leave feedback for the author


Good job just a tad repeditive

The intro was repeditive. Even though the song changed slightly it was still repeditive. DONT BE AFRAID TO CHANGE THE MELODY AROUND. Also i would change that part where it goes all sad and the melody stops to later in the song. The intro melody had no link with the rest of the song. I know i was just saying that you should change the melody but don't change it so drasticaly. You just changed to a completely different melody at the end. Try and have a similar melody, possibaly derived from the first one. It is just what i do. I suppose there is nothing wrong with what you did but I doesn't flow as nicely and the intro is repeditive.

SigmaSpore responds:

yeah i know what ur sayin on the part of the melody not even flowing with most ofthe song, but i actuayl see that in alot of hardstyle music, ESPECIALLY by showtek, theyll have like 2 minutes of voice clippings and wierd effects, then theyl just have a really cool melody

i guess i could have made the melody 16 bars instead of just 8, but ive never made a song with 16 bar melodies, so i think it would be kinda hard to work with

thx for review, also yeah i agree that the intro, middle, and chorus didnt really flow together so greatly, but, win some lose some

Pretty good

The most significant thing I have to mention about this song is the detuned saw. You're really gonna have to apply some fine tuning on that because it changes the whole feeling of the song up to that point. Plus it's very overpowering. In addition, when the saw is fading away, it leaves some clipping behind.

Yeah, someone already mentioned the drums, so I'll say nothing else on that.

After that beginning with the telephone sound, around :29, it throws one off because the synth sounds so much crisper and even has reverb on it, whereas previously the synth sounded dry and old-fashioned. What I'm trying to say is that the transition between those two sections needs to be smoother.

The ambient section is great, easily my favorite part of the song, although it kinda knocks it out of the dance classification.

With the exception of the detuned saw section, I like the feeling I get from this song. It's weird, like kinda peaceful, you know? I could chill to the ambience of this song.

That sums up this review. Oh and could you do me a favor and check out my newest WIP, revolution II? Yes, I actually did end up recomposing that old song, I was surprised myself. Peace out bro!

SigmaSpore responds:

yeah i see what your sayin on the reeverb of the intro, that probly would have been better

i think i might go find some finetuning and edit this track...

ill check that track out asap

peace to you


dude this is really good I cant explain hpow good the this song makes me feel but it is a really good feeling

SigmaSpore responds:

lol thanks your probly the only person who thought it was top notch xD

im glad you liked it

peace out


This isn't bad, i think the bass and kick drum are just the right powerfulness.
The song is good, i liked the 'through a telephone' (To put it as the reviewer below did) sound at the start it gave it a real sense of power when it really came in.
The melody voice really was a lovely choice.
Something holds me back from rating this a 9 or 10 though. I just feel like somewhere, it 's missing something. I just can't put my figner on it, i'll relisten again sometime and PM you if it hits me.
Keep up the good work!

SigmaSpore responds:

lol actually a through the telephone is the perfect way to describe it, thats the EQ preset that i used, telephone xD

i actually think the kicks should be more powerful but thats just me

im happy with 8's

thx for review peace out

I say "Cookie"

But dont ask me why i say Cookie, but it sounds cool. And cookies are good.

Okay, now that the pointless part is over, let me get down to critiques. The percussion, mainly the hats and snare, is VERY standard sounding. The kick is fine, it suits the song well. The whole "sounds like it's though a telephone" thing really turns this song off for me, it doesn't sound full through a telephone-like-filter. The end really shocked me, because it sounded VERY off key. The pitch was very bad. The saw over powered everything, percussion, bass, and it really didnt sound good. It didnt really help the song at all, which is what a big melody needs to do.

It needs work. 7/10 and 4/5. (Kaizerwolf from the Audio Ad Thread)

SigmaSpore responds:

yeah ill give you that the end saw was a little overpowering, thats probly why my kicks werent to strong either

ALTHOUGH, its not going to sound like incredibly onkey, becuase its a detuned saw, so yeah, i guess i could find a fine tuneing pitch somwhere and alter it but idk where i would

yeah my precussion is nothing that im proud of, and it is probly the most standard sounding hats and snares youll ever hear...ever

aww, i liked the telephone noise

thanks for the review, probly the best one ive gotten yet, ill make sure my next song has better precussions just for you :)


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