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DZK - Bow Down (PTYG)

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Checkout the Official DZK Forums @ The War Lab - http://www.thewarlab.com/
forums/ ---- Anti-Religious Propaganda. Sho-Down of Rock It Productions on the beat -- http://www.rockitproducti ons.net

Uploaded on SoundClick Thu Jun 03, 2004

I keep seeing a repeating, scene in my dreams,
I'm weeping peacefully, in a green pasture of sheep
who breathe deeply, relaxed on the grass, asleep when
I see these factions, of masked men, with axes, creepin

I can see, that we're captured, but when I scream, the assassins
begin laughing, and the sheep don't even seem to gather
the fact that their masters are grabbin and smashing their backs in
in a graphic fashion and draggin the cadavers past em

the sadness from those savage actions I had to fathom
never passes, even though, they were so overtly imagined
they show, actual patterns of what can happen to those trapped in
the rapture of the Holy Ghost if they don't open their lashes

and focus on what matters most... before they cash in
choke and pass and go in a casket, or blow in the passing
wind over the ocean as scattered ashes and bone fragments
just hopin their pastor was accurate

[bow down and] - pray
pray to your god
[now, bow down and] -pray
pray to your god

what kinda creator would make a race of people
and make em act a certain way or else He deems 'em evil?
HOW can You give a living being the freedom to breathe
and then lead em into sea of decievers who greet em, see,

it's not a miracle, when you beat a disease [please]
it's not a miracle, when you breed and receive
a baby from a lady, it's nature, you can pray to a tree
it don't mean the seasons are changing cuz you believe in the leaves

faith is a crazy made up way to explain, what you can't explain
in way that you can't debate it, it's insane that we live in a nation,
that's innovative enough to create a station in space
but we still praise the pages of an ancient publication

considered great.... in the motherf***in middles ages,
I'm sick of the way this civilization blames their hatred
on a simple fictional basis such as Satan it makes me
sick to my stomach, it's just disgusting aint it?


and I'm sick of censorship committees, grippin the dicks of Christian Ministries
who are admittingly, just letting any priest get a piece,
of greased little boy keester and get away free
while they celebrate Easter... Jesus, it's un-f***in-believable

that you people still worship invisible entities, I mean,
who seriously wants to live for infinity? are you kidding me?
if you guys wanna censor a bigger lie, try the validity
of a city sittin in the sky, where everybody who died is now living

better yet, convince me that the visceral presence
of an invincible peasant will some-how better my f***in intelligence
and gimme some evidence, heaven exists, besides some lesson
written by guys who couldn't technically give any relevant tips

except that I should be a celibate twit who cries like a bi***
to a timeless spirit everytime that I'm fearing some shit
the entire idea of religion's been queer since it was twisted
to it's limit, now it's a just mere hindrance

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ha tell em why u mad!

i dont know how i found this but i am glad i did. this song took the words out my mouth. and is very hard how you squeezed so much in a bar like that. i cant rap fast so i appreciate hearing it pulled off right. the beats cool as well you remind me of the old eminem.. can even tell you what to improve on sounds top notch to me.


damn you went out like noone else

Unorthodox flow.5/5 9/10

Is great. Love this shit. Awesome set up. I dl'd one of your others a lil while back. Everything is awesome but my one Issue, (not so bad) Just hearing it being another artist. To me u squeeze alot into one bar. Now thats not bad, just in my opinion. Keep it fire fam. Stay up. Check my stuff out.


I love this.

These lyrics are the smartest lyrics I've heard in a long time.

You spit it perfectly.

Love the chorus.

Production is top notch.

Downloaded. 10/10.

Sick track

As usual with you, the flow was awesome, sound quality is nothing less than professional. Very cool way of portraying the anti-religion message. Good work, even if it was 5 years ago lol.

WarLab responds:

well thanks, Im glad you liked the song

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Mar 20, 2009
10:05 AM EDT
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