DZK - Super-Zeroes

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M-Law and I wrote this track. Beat by Sho-Down - http://www.rockitproducti ons.net - Starring - The X-Men (Gambit, Rogue, Wolverine, Cyclops, Charles Xavier, Nightcrawler), The Flash, Batman, Shaft, Aquaman, Some Poor Dolphin's Blowhole.

Uploaded on Tue May 10, 2005

[verse]:[1] - "The X-Men Rave, Bro!"

names Gambit bro, you need some glow sticks? bro!
it's time for dancing, I took so much X, yo!
I had to change my clothes back to spandex
HEY ROGUE! show us your tits! [no!!]

damn it WOLVERINE, show us your tits!! [WHAT?]
whoa, man, he looks pissed, I better go
yo, talk to The Flash if you need a stash of speed,
bro, he's got everything you need

we're f***ing raving over here!! gimme a beer
"I see you met Gambit, please excuse his queerness...
my name is Cyclops, if you can't guess, then
we are the X-Men, cuz we like X, man...

meet Charles Xavier, he's like our father...
[dude, come to the next jam, it'll be awesome
we got this sweet foam machine over from Gotham
I sh*** you not, it tastes like pina colada]

[bridge]:[1] - "The Unknown Phonecall"

[Excuse Mr. Jackson, you have a telephone call]
telephone call? where? [in the Veteran's hall]
let's go [Nightcrawler here can teleport us all]
cool... whoa lord! where the hell are his balls?

[no need to be rude] uhhh, but, dude you're blue
you got no balls, your job is stupid, yo, you
teleport humans to.... wait.. you ain't a mutant
yer a phone-booth [OOOH -- now I will teleport you!!]

[verse]:[2] - "Teleported to the Batcave"

Who is that man? - [I am the BATMAN!]
Where is your mask, then? - [I had to take a crap and
it's back in that trashcan, covered in my ass-spam]
That's pretty bad [that it is my man, that it is] DAMN!

Where are your pants then? [Don't even ask!]
Well, what is that Rash? [Those are my crabs,
all I do is scratch] hahahah [c'mon, don't laugh] - sorry -
[stupid-ass Catwoman had a huge batch]

You tapped that ass? [I had to, Mr. Jackson,
it was a matter of National security] Batman!! [rats
fine, you want the truth? it wasn't really important]
so why then? [I saw her titties in Swordfish...

[you happy?] you're a bad-man [ACTUALLY....
I'm the bad man...] Yo is that Shaft? [yeah]
damn, he's really black man.... [yeah]

[bridge]:[2] - "The Ultimate Backhand Subsides"

[wake up Mr. Jackson] ugh, What happened?
[Shaft beat your ass] why'd he do that?
[you called him black] he is black!!
[oh... is that a fact?]

you don't know Shaft? [no] are you joking?
[hey asshole, we in the ocean]
Oh shit! I didn't notice
[Well no shit! Let's go get back to smoking!]

[verse]:[3] - "Aqua Chronic Adventures!"

what do they call you? [Aqua] - Aqua what?
[Aqua Man] - what the hell are you on? [Chronic]
[Do me favor, fill this bong up] - uhhh...
we're underwater [well let's go f*** some dolphin!]

you got some problems [problems?]
[yeah, I got em, I got this star-fish caught in my bottom]
I didn't need to know that... [know what?] about your ass
[what about it?] dog, quit the hash

[what hash?] in your palm... [I forgot]
[I been hitting this bong since...] for how long?
[how long what?] what is wrong with you? [what?]
man forget it, this is retarded, yer dumb

[fool, I read on a tenth grade level] - says who?
[says that school of fish.... hehehe]
dude that was not clever or funny [whatever]
I'm going to bed.

[outro]: - "Aquaman Solo - Poke a Dolphin in the Blowhole!"

but oh yeah, before my nap...
Mr. Jackson, go ahead get to packin
cuz I need to be alone with my dolphin ho's
I need to be alone with my dolphin ho's
I'm bout to poke, poke
any f***ing dolphin
that gets close - I'ma poke it in the blow-hole
poke it in the blow-hole
poke it slow
cuz I'm Aquaman
and I'm always coming through with the Aqua Plan
....so, which one of you dolphin ho's
wanna get poked right in your blow-hole?
tonight... we alone...
me and your blow-hole
poke poke pok

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That was crazy mind blowing

Man you gotta do another song like this, that was awesome. All your songs put the rappers on Ng's to shame, it's like you, War spawn, and Yun

Very clever lol

This like a kinda reverse version of The Last Emperor Secret Wars. This is tight and funny as hell. 10/10 5/5 =db= "WOLVERINE, show us your tits (WHAT?) "

Great job


Omega Phantom

WarLab responds:

yeah... WHAT?

Glad you liked the song

awesome track

This was very inventive. Keep it up!!

WarLab responds:

glad you enjoyed. keep up with us


Kinda ironic that dudes 0'd the shit outta this. This shit made me laugh. You definitely need to hit me up on AIM some time nig.

WarLab responds:

Sure thing man, Im Glad you like the song


that was funny as hell, it was different than most of the stuff here

WarLab responds:

Thank, Glad you liked the song

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