::Moving Trees::

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So hi there again.

Three days ago I had a walk through the park and after half an hour of aimless walking I sat down on an old bench. I calm down and my sins sharpened slowly so I was able to taste the moist air, smell the wood of the trees and hear their leaves whisper.
And like the wind moves the heavy trees, thoughts began to move me.

listen and relax, it's a slowly one that needs your ears. I hope it paints you a realistic picture in mind.

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Its raining again. The water mists over the rainforest as birds bathe in the droplets, trickling down leaves. Tucans feed their babies underneath tiny huts and nests. Cubs rest underneath their parents. An indian walks through this, staring at the wonderful and loving nature of the forest. He caresses his steed, and walks him through the forest as well. "The flowers are beautiful here," he says to his horse. White flowers grow over brown and red trees that tower towards the sky. Butterflies bat their wings over the tall patches ofr grass, and rest upon mushrooms on the roots of the earth.

They continue through this world full of life. The thunder above roars with a cheerful welcoming. Monkeys play upon the branches. A leopard licks his paws while resting next to a rock. Deers scatter throughout the clearing, gazing into the indians eyes. All is peaceful, and all is loving, and all is pure. He indian drinks the rainwater, and soaks in the life of nature.


This is just great, really melow and sad, could I please use this in my upcoming animation? its a brilliant piece of work... P.M. me back

fucking great

really.. awesome.. just fix the clipping in the left, doesn't really matters if u ask me, but if it has to be perfect ;)




And another beautiful song

What i really like about your songs is that they're played live. This means that there isn't always perfect timing, but it adds so much emotion and feeling.
Hmmm, this song really makes me sit down and just listen. Yep, this song really got my attention ^^
Anyway, i'll try to write down the picture i see when listening to this song.

A man sits on the beach. He's watching the sea.
It's pretty busy on the beach, but he doesn't notice.
A tear falls down his face and then he sees that a little kid is walking towards him. The kid sits down next to him, but doesn't say a word.
They both look out over the sea.
Suddenly the kid speaks: ''Isn't the sea wonderful?''
''Yes it is'' the man responds.
They watch the sun slowly getting swallowed by the sea.
When the sun is gone completely the kid stands up and walks away. The man stays sitting there, because he has no home, no family and no friends.
Slowly he falls asleep.


gOrc responds:

nice picture I must say. your story fits well in the character of the piece, cause I wanted to catch a sensible athmosphere, too. thanks for taking the time man, these stories always make me happy.


A little more reverb/slur on the cello would be necessary though. But the guitar was allot better here than on Impasse. Again the strings are very staccato, and as a classically trained musician, gets on my nerves, it just sounds rather unnatural. Keep working on that part and add a little more variation to the guitar part.

gOrc responds:

I wonder where you hear staccato, I don't use this techniqe in the piece on the cello. I think you mean the accents on the cello I used a few times, well these are planned and fitting in my imagination how they should sound like for -this piece-. oh and I hate it to use a lot of reverb in my songs because just everybody use it to try making the sounding better with it. the melody is my focus.

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