Flow with Water

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Well this is a trance song that i've been working on for a while.
Made in Fl Studio
Hope you enjoy.
Flow with water,
That usless part,
Flow with water,
Its my missing heart,

Hello, just here to say hi,
Its morning here, I dont see a sky,
Feel my waves, I"ll force you to breathe,
Feel my waves, You'll hate that deadly beat,
Feel my power, I"ll tell you my lie,
Feel my power ,You'll want to really die,
Today is my Favorite,

Flow with water,
Flow with water,
Gently to a waterfall,

Hello, just here to say bye,
Good knowing you, Look its your fake sky,
Feel my waves, I'll force you to see,
Feel my waves, You'll hate your deadly feat,
Feel my power, I'll give you a try,
Feel my power, You'll want to really die
Today starts you Hatred

Flow with water
Flow with water,
Here it comes the waterfall,

Flow with water,
That useless part,
Flow with water, I
ts your missing heart.

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Eh right, correctly I can see the fact that my review will much differ from the others with such long long time of posting it compared it being posted the year 2015 while the rest is 2009. Also, I do see how excellent they measure what you have submitted, but there's one more thing to add, at least one!
And I have got an idea...

I do noticed it clearly, would be very nice of You if so You. The main important truth about this song is It's too long!!! Why it's up to 07:38 length...
Absolute nooo!!! Should be super shortened in half!
Wanting so bad to loop thing? Here comes the loop function...
I would love to inform where this tune in it's present form actually ends for me. 04:07

Fortunately for all, me and tune, I like a lot playing this, plus I do this turning the volume loud very often. (ps: to add very addtionaly I'm all the time excited right before hearing it, finally listening it up at the beggining even more and just little less exactly after finishing to listen). And also from concerning myself only a little about current flaws at this, I just rated it 4 stars. When outside review section where people can vote on submissions too rated it 5 stars, however :D

good job

it's not bad, even thought you should shake it a little more.
Also for the title, I think it sounds more like "Deep Flowing Water" other than "Flow with Water"


I thought this was fantastic! For starters, i loved your intro, and how you had a bass that was present but not over powering. Two things bothered me, about this song that kept me from rating it 10. First, i thought your transition into the synths around 2:00 were very abrupt. the other thing that got me was how repetitave it was. It really dragged on the entire song, which isn't always bad, but if you added more things to keep it more interesting it would be better. Other tha though, this was absolutely amazing!

Relaxing, and yet...

oddly energizing.

I just want to warn you about putting in the lyrics.
What you have now is
excellent, but if the lyrics arent done right they will kill it.
I think you should just leave it as is. : D

Really good!

- Wasn't too sure about the piano in the intro (the actual piano synth, not the notes) you may want to search for something better (IMO Nexus has some pianos that would sound great)

- I didn't like the samples you used for the hats or the clap, the kick was nice though. The hi hat (closed) seemed kinda loud too.

- At 2:11, the song kinda lost me. There's a lot of high frequencies and mid frequencies, my speakers started making bad noises :( I'm just not a fan of that square synth you're using, doesn't really fit the song IMO

- 3:25ish = :D
Really chill and cool sounding breakdown, I like it a lot

- AHHHHH, that synth is back! :(

- No offense, but by now, the song is getting a bit repetitive, perhaps add a counter melody? (Around 4:30ish)

- Okay, 5:15ish....piano is WAY too loud.

All right, summary time:

Intro = great :D
Open hat = too loud
Clap = yuck IMO
piano vst = yuck IMO (try getting nexus, or a good soundfont)
piano = too loud
square synth = yuck IMO
Bass volume = Needs to be a bit louder
Whole song = a bit too repetitive

Hope that helped :D


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Mar 17, 2009
10:17 PM EDT
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