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yayaya i just HAD to make a better version than my old one - enjoy - and dont downrate!

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This is a speedy song that should be in a racing video game. Drums really come through in this track.

Final Fantasy VII Music is awesome

I went to the audio portal and I was all like HAD TO LISTEN and when I did I am most impressed, the only problem is that the start was kinda a non event, there are supposed to be parts that overpower the rest of the song to make it more intense, but your version was great too!

Do 'Opening+Bombing Mission' next!

Chronamut responds:

lol ah well - it ws like 6 years ago that I made this song hehe.. my standards are much higher now :P

thanks for the review!


ok here we go

its good but not quite great.

heres my thoughts:

intro was pretty well crafted, though i felt it was a bit short, if you want to grab the attention of the person a long, well planned intro is the way to go. it will draw the person in and will instantly get their attention, most people will have the attention span of a goldfish when it comes to music so you want to grab that short attention span and try to keep it.

i really liked that popcorn sounding instrument. though i did feel the bass was a little bit "unfitting" when mixed with it, also i didn't really like how the volume was decreased on the popcorn when the bass came in. great use of the reverb effect though. i really dig that. i think 1:16 till the end is my favorite part of this piece :P

if i could add anything to this it would be some extra pads, something nice that flows with what you have going. pads always seem to make a song sound fantastic, you should consider using them more.

overall i can hear an "action scene" mood, especially because of your use of those crash cymbals and the timpani kits. if you were going for that then the bass could definatly use a knotch up in speed.

near the end you used some organs, that was pretty cool and definatly changed things up a bit. i think the ending is much better then the beginning...but...it ends too suddenly and seems to be cut off from being continued.

your drums are pretty fast paced, it sounds like something you would hear in a 70-80's cop show or an old CD based video game, totally retro!

i did hear a little bit too much volume in some spots though which kind of cut out the other sounds a bit, try to work on your mastering, it will make your music sound a lot more professional and alot cleaner too.

also about what i said about pads earlier, the pads that come in at 0:36 i felt were really unfitting. the notes for it played out pretty well but your choice of instrument just didn't seem to match up. try a different type of pad for that part and it will definitely sound much better and will fit good with your overall mood.

you also might want to consider having a break in the action and just have some pads and maybe something slower playing along with it, then build your way back up to the frantic pace. theres alot of songs out there that use this method and they sound fantastic.

also, you might wanna consider having some variation in your instruments, this song basically sounds the same throughout. while thats not nessesarily a bad thing it really does help to add more variation into not just this song, but any song you make.

also i feel a good ol' fashioned piano can add some serious flavor to most any song, i did hear one piano note at 1:29, why did you stop there though? i would suggest having both low notes and high notes for the piano, maybe even mix it in with the pads during a break, i think that would sound pretty cool.

overall it feels like you had a much longer song going and you compressed it down into a smaller sound file, if you have something longer go with that! it doesn't hurt to have a longer track on here :) i do like it but it feels a little....rushed. not rushed referring to how quickly you made the song but the pacing of it. sounds like this could have been a 3-4 min song.


Drums: retro sounding and fits pretty well, though a bit of the same throughout the whole thing. though i did notice a bit of heavy metal inspiration with the double kick's


Bass: i felt the bass did not fit very well in this at all, while it does also fit that retro style i mentioned earlier it just doesn't work with what the overall piece has.


Pads: almost not there :( i really felt like you needed to add some more pads and changed up what was already in there.


leads: well crafted, you could have done things a little different (like pretty much every song...) but i do feel your leads were fitting and ran smoothly. good job sir.


overall: its not a bad piece but its not the greatest thing i have ever heard, consider what i said earlier and make your music face melt-worthy!


Chronamut responds:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjadGH lsNl4

also this song was made in 2005 - it's a cover of the above song from ff7.

thanks for the review!



I like it, seems like you got inspiration from 7's battle music, and i think you know what i mean by that.

Chronamut responds:

yes I loved ff7 :P

thanks for the review!



I like it mostly cause it's from the best video game of all time but it just sounds way too much like the ff7 version to me

Chronamut responds:

but modernized a bit at the time - this was before advent children..

thanks for the review!


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