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-Distant Seas Remix-

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Another (distant -.-) song is officially out. A few weeks ago, I submitted Distant Seas with FL Studio, myself. It didn't do that bad with its rating, but that song was made by me only, when usually my friend Erik and I make the songs I submit. Well, after I did the FL edition, we decided to do a remix of it. In my opinion, the original is more on the piratey side, and this one leaves you with more distant sea-ish feelings, but anyway, if you can, give out your opinion too. Just a reminder, if you wants the sheet music of this song, I'd be happy to give it to you, and to conclude, please don't 0-bomb too hard ;).
By the way, this song was made with Cakewalk, just for curiousity, not FL Studio. Enjoy the song!

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Most pleasant song yet, sounds a lot better without the synthy Slayer guitar. As usual, some melodies sound surprisingly good and coherent, while others sound like more or less random experimentation. Drums still need work. I could say the same things I've been saying over and over now about every song but I don't want to repeat myself too much. You probably have a sense of what I think of these things by now.

Step responds:

Yeah, this actually has a decent atmosphere that fits the melody. But yeah, the bad instruments/drums still ruin the whole thing. My MIDI stuff ends pretty soon though!

Thanks for reviewing.

Love it

Thought i would get back to some of your older stuff, and i forgot how {CUTE} this was, its so neat and light and fresh and really love what you did with the {FLUTE} in here well i think its a flute hehe, if i am wrong i am sorry but anyways, good tune here i think i will ad this one to my faveourites, very nifty tune here, now if i can find anything wrong or something to improve on, you got me there, but anyways i love how the flute is part of the main focus on this, i would totally use this in a flash, i can see something on an small beach or even forrest, but anyways great tune, i am in love with it already, so very nice job on this even if its older, anyways for now keep up on the awsome tunes.

Bring in other backround stuff maybe some very distant chimes or even violin something very soft though so it doesnt take away feom the flute, but to be honest i really like this tune.


Step responds:

Wow, a 9 from you on a song as old as this? O.o

Haha I didn't think it was possible, thanks! I wouldn't call it cute though, more like horrible, but to each his own xD.

Yeah, there's a flute in here, along with some other stuff which I'm not sure about since this song is in MIDI (horrible quality) and my friend added the instruments (I did the melody).

Regarding your suggestions, you have some very good ideas, it will definitely sound more 'distant'.

Thanks for the review, if you like songs like this then you might like my song Morning Horizon, although that's a bit more epic. Thanks again!

hate it

ugh it sounded terrible to me its like sounding like its belongs to retro Doom

Step responds:

Yes ok, and I'd really like to thank you for giving me constructive and useful suggestions so I can improve it >:(.
Look, I respect the fact that everyone has their own right to an opinion, but a 0 for a song that we worked hard on is a little harsh don't you think? Besides, at least we try and contribute to NG. Non-contributors, like you, shouldn't judge songs so idiotically when they don't contribute any of their work. Try and think before you review, please.


Percussion was repetitive and unnecessary though. Maybe next time use the actual instruments though. Not a bad score, but I rely don't like synth classica.

Step responds:

Hmm... I found the percussion quite good, but you're definetely right by saying that it's repetitive. I really wish we had enough players in our band who could play instruments like these, though, and we would try and get it done with real instruments, but as luck has it, we don't even have a drum player. Just a talented pianist :P, a flute player, a violinist, two guitarists and a hopeless synthesizer player. Ahh well, good idea anyway lol. Thanks for the review!

Definitely Better!

Awesome! I Like it much better then the other one. especially the solo. Would've gotten a ten from me if the ending was a bit better...

Hope something new comes out soon...Maybe Distant Skies?


Step responds:

Yeah, I totally agree with you about the last part. It went a bit out of rhythm. As a matter of fact, I am going to do Distant Skies. How did you know? Lol. Distant Skies might take pretty long, since, to tell you the truth, my friend Erik takes ages to finish adding instruments to the songs I give him. Yeah, he's a bit of an amateur, but what can ya do, lol.

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Mar 16, 2009
2:42 PM EDT
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