Shadow Symphony V4

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Version 4 of my composition Originally titled 'Within The Shadows.' Instead of making new half-done songs I'll retouch and polish the ones I like. This was originally a slow piano track, then was made into a longer complex piano song, then to an orchestral one. In this version the tempo is tweaked around along with some dynamic and melodic changes.

N e ways hope u like it


your music is a cup of sweet coffee for me......
Enjoyable times, lovely times!

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a very powerful song!
I hardly can find anything to complain about =)

Great idea

Ok, so you have a very good idea here. But it could be taken a lot further.

Firstly, you need more clarity with your instruments, a number of areas sound muddy. Especially the backing. pretty much 0:54 onwards.

Also, because of this, a lot of the complexity is lost.

First thing you need to do is pull out the main melody. I believe there is a trumpet, or flute, doing most of the work there. Get a few more trumpets and give that a bit more power. Right now it's sorta lacking in the depth that a lot of instruments have, it's synthesised.
If it's a flute it needs to be less articulated and flow between the notes a lot more.

Those backing strings need to be louder and more emphasised, work on the articulations to really pull out the beat. The middle layer thingo, not sure what it's called, I think it's a harp of some sort, or a cello, that thing that muffles everything pretty much, needs to be made a lot clearer.

You've done a good job weaving the disparate elements together, which is a big plus on your side, but you really need to work on the clarity of your instruments and how they are melded together.

The idea is good, you just need to work on your articulations a lot and bring out the clarity of the instruments a lot more.


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I cannot say how impressed I am.
You did really well in creating such a smooth and creative song.
I rarely come across this kind of songs lately.
Talented artists like you are rare.
You must have spent a lot of time doing this.
I admire your passion for putting such effort into creating such great songs!
Keep up the great work!

nice idea.

did you intend to make the horn the focal point? flutes are alittle to high. instead of haveing them at level 10 of 10 try them at level 6 of 10 and see what you think. think Mozart. what would he do. it sounds like you are trying. do not take this personally.
i know it is low. but i was honest.
In elementery i was in a play called the marriage of figgiaro. opera and classical i used to listen to alot. from time to time when i have time i still do.

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