Killer Instinct(The Rage)

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There's a storie behind this song that fell into my mind while making this song...

A man with a life he loves...He is a Roman. He fights in the Colusium not because he is a prisoner, but for money to feed and support his family. He enjoys his life and loves fighting and inventing things...so...here's the storie.

A masked man aproaches a lonley house outside of Rome. He enters the house quietly. He looks for things to steal, but suddenly jumps as there are voices in the next room. Two kids run out of the room laughing...he stabs and slices with his dagger...he enters the next room...he sees a woman. As he raises his dagger a kid looking the age of 13 or 14 jumps out of the closet to the left and slices the masked murderors leg. The man quikly grabs his sword and beheads the kid. The man looks at the woman with an unseen devilish grin...
The scene moves to a happy worrior walking through the field of wheat to his home. As he opens the door he feels a strange presence, but is not concerned. He see drops of blood near the doorway to his childrens rooms. Adrenaline rushes through his veins as he reaches for his sword. He moves quikly around corner and sees two of his sons lying on the floor stained with blood. His eyes widen and he runs to his room and sees his headless thirteen year old son on the floor and turns only to see his wife on the floor surrounded by blood. A masked man appears just outside his window...the Roman lets out a raging yell heard by all of Rome...He stomps towards the man in a death march destroying anything in his path...a quick slash of his sword starts the fight. Swords fly back and forth as neon sparks fly off of them when they meet. Suddenly the Roman is slashed at the thigh. The masked man on one knee holding his sword in position looks up in utter fear...SLASH! The head of the masked man rolls to the floor. Blood gushes out the Romans leg as he falls to the ground dizzey from blood loss. He looks to the sky and white light consumes his vision. He wakes up in his bed to his youngest sons shaking him and laughing. He raises himself and looks in the next room to see his beautiful wife and strong son smiling at him...He looks outside to see not waving wheat, but green grass fading into beach and water...this must be Heaven.


The song is great!!!

I also like the story, but it's kinda sad... Let me suggest you a few modifications : The Roman wakes up in his bed to his youngest sons shaking him and laughing. He raises himself and looks in the next room to see his beautiful wife and strong son smiling at him...He looks outside to see that nothing has changed... He had a simple nightmare, that made him even more conscious of the luck he has to be alive and have a family who loves him.


the song and story are epic please make more (if u can)
the stoy had a prettty cool ending to it 10/10


i love this one, both story and music.

like all the others, 10/-... wait a min... nah, ima kick it up a notch...

20/10 10/5

man... wish i was able to say more. but... im just... too struck by the music to say a word

Tx-Maniac-xT responds:

Hey man, you've been supporting me for a long time now and you've helpped me alot so don't feel the need to make your responses any better. Jus throwin in a couple words makes me thankful for your support.

really good song and story

dude i,m dead serious as an artist i can see your story playout in my head it is like i,m right there watching it from a bird's eye view i could almost smell the scenery did you make this story in to an animation yet if so maybe i could do it but on a small medium like using sprite characters i just think it's faster and i say that a good story would fit anywhere you must finish the story thought and i can help you bring it to life then we can sit back and enjoy it.

Tx-Maniac-xT responds:

Srry so late on the response, but yes. It would be great if you made any kind of animation for this song. I suck at flash so I jus stick to music, lol. I'll fix up a story for you. Thanks for the comment.


awesome, its just like a crumbling mind, well, i have a bid different story, but wow, only some places were not so good, just work a little bit and it will be perfect...

Tx-Maniac-xT responds:

Sweet. Thanks bro.

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