[RG] Summer Stroll

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I originally called this the "Up Beat Happy Beat Beat Song" but soon after realized it was a very bad name... so i went with something more "generic" It's, very stray from my usual, and took some time and effort and i ended up with a happy song and a pounding headache :D hope it makes you as happy as it makes me :)... i wish i could make flash :( welp.. ENJOI

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This song makes me crazy. I want to jump around and shake head and everything else I have.
About the structure.. the beginning is fine, but it gets a bit boring on last minute.

Other than that, pretty catchy tune.
Keep practicing and experimenting and you'll get better ;)

Ritheguardian responds:

I'll see if i can spiff up the end for a more "epic" build up and ending :) thnx for the advise and listen :)

lol, happy...softcore?

Very happy indeed. More like spring, a green leaf falls into the water. Accompanied by some bread, thrown in by a little boy, ready to get devoured by a duck. (The bread, not the boy. Killerduck would be cool tho.) That's what my visualisation looks like.
Really, this should be frontpaged and mixed. =] I wonder how it would work out. Dl'ed and full score. ^^

Ritheguardian responds:

wow, thnx alot for the listen & DL :) glad you liked it

hahaha I love it

It's quarky, it's fun, it's everything you'd think a "Summer Stroll" would be.

Hope you don't mind me asking but what program are you using for your audio submissions? I've been working with fruity loops and know how frustrating creating a decent beat can be. Honestly though the beat in this works just fine with it's style.

Keep tickling my ears!

Ritheguardian responds:

FL.. lol, it's actually really easy to make a "simple" beat, i normally make all of the music and than sit the and try to come up with a beat in my head... it's easier if you keep a song on or off beat, so you creat fitting beats for it.... when a song is both on and off beat.... it makes it a bit more challenging, where you'd probably have to make an "on beat" and than a sort of built up tempo change beat, than the "off beat"

thnx for the listen :)

Not To Bad...

I really liked how this one started off, the Pizzicato type synth and the pad really mesh together. I guess the old title suits this too, definitely very happy and up beat'ish but then again kind of kiddie/j-poppy, no offense. Some work with the drums I think could really up this song, and maybe curbing the constant kick at parts and just adding a standard rock beat. I liked the progressions, I liked the synths, and I love the overall feel to the song. Great song, and I think that this could definitely get better.


Ritheguardian responds:

thanx. yeah.. i'm not that great with drums, trying to find a "colab" partner to give some of beats an UP

It's great!

Wow, whether you call it "Up Beat Happy Beat Beat Song" or "Summer Stroll", you can really feel the energy in the melody. It's definitely upbeat, and it DOES remind me of a summer stroll.

I like how a recognizable melody is sandwiched in-between parts that are different from each other. It switches it up from a different progression back to the melody. It flows well!

All in all, this song makes me happy. :)

Ritheguardian responds:

Whoot! thnx alot! I'm really glad you liked it! (maybe i should stick with this genre :P)

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Mar 11, 2009
10:51 PM EDT
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