Awakening of Death (DEMO)

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""A Village.


A VIllage.

on the way of revenge.

..on the way of the souls from other side... that never received peace. They hunger. They Consume. They take all from the living what they dont have... not even soul is left on their way. They take the light. they take the hope. they take the will to live... and nothing but ruins will remain..""

A old project, a bit movie kind. a bit creepy and spooky hehe ^^' skale tracker, long job.


A wonderful piece

I can see the deaths of our wars and genocide all mixed into one spooky epic masterpiece

Finish it!

I love this!

I can imagine something much different than what you have written in the Description, and as below...

I can imagine a shadowy figure, holding a sythe, and wearing black robes, cutting down wheat, in which souls scream from as they are cut... Then a crusading man runs twoard the feild of wheat where the shadowy figure stands cutting the wheat down. Something sees this man running, and pulls the rope for the bell to ring, alarming the shadowy figure... He stops the wheat cutting to see what is going on, and sees the man. He then chants out in a demonic tone, grabs his scythe, and summons some zombies to deal with the man, but the man slices through the zombies and reaches the figure, in which is none other than the Grim Reaper... (Can't go any farther than this, because the thing is not done!)

9/10 for Demoism.


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Heh Heh Heh.....

I can imagine souls clad in armor smoke rising out of their helmets while they walk to a village and as the villagers see them, the lord of the souls clad in black armor his eyes growing a bright neon green like two flames gazing out of pure darkness, raising his spiked gauntlet as he speaks in a demonic tongue and then screams like a demon in a frenzy and the souls dash into the village consuming all that inhabit it. One grabbing a poor soul as he tries to escape only seeing a shadow of the man and the soul blood spraying the wall as the soul rips the man apart with a scythe then feasts on him. Many more horrid scenes will be like this, but I guess for now this shall be it for my little idea of a story. Great work so far SkippyFox I enjoy this quite so, it is definantly something different and I hope to see a finished product of it in the future! Again always enjoyable to hear your work!


very eerie

cant wait to hear the full version man!

Woah, what?

Once again, astounding use of effects! So many excellent little background images going on... the atmosphere created here is exceptional. When you say this was a long job - I think you're making a bit of an understatement. You must have put a lot of effort and time into this, and it really shows. Your timings are perfect, too. I love this piece, and I know I'm going to be checking back regularly for the final version.

Power to you, Skippy Fox!
...And btw, Drums + Screaming mob = AWESOME ;D

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Mar 11, 2009
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