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A song i made, the solos are improved, if the song gets decent ratings, ill redo the solos


Good song bro!

I liked this song. A lot of diversity, some really good guitar work. My only complaint is that the clean lead sounded a little detuned. The solo for the distorted part sounded alright, could use a little more work, but still kicks ass.

GBInFlames responds:

lol, the clean lead sounded a little detuned cause its a 5 year old squire bullet(my first guitar :P) and its got some intonation problems, and as an added bonus, the neck is slightly warped causing a buzz in a few of the frets on the high strings... i could fix these problems, but i rarly ever play this guitar. The only reason i used it for this song is cause its the only single coil guitar i own, and i really like the sound of a single coil when its played clean :) thx for the review :)

The two riffs at the beggining...

sound kind of key I dunno but it bugged me... the rest of the song is good.

GBInFlames responds:

i don't know what u mean by key... but thx for the review :)

where do you live

dude where the fuck do you live this shits awsome, ha i really need some one liek you in my band lol, this song is sweet its on my computer and staying there.

GBInFlames responds:

:D Thx again... im glad that ppl like my playing, i personaly thought it was alright at best, but thats not what u guys are saying in these reviews... oh and i live in ohio... but prob not for long... ill prob be somewhere in canada within a few months...


I like the way you play your acoustics. nice. a little more clarity on distortion.

GBInFlames responds:

hey, thx for the review... i know what u mean about clarity, its just that i don't have any special recordin things, its just me, my guitar, and some freeware recordin software i got... ill try to improve the quality of my next song, but i can't promis... thx again :)

Ohh so good!

What a song! It starts off soothing than it comes out and rocks the shit out of you with an awsome riff. Thanks, I'm gonna listen to this one for a while!

GBInFlames responds:

wow 8D thx for the great review, if i had of known that ppl would like it as much as they do, i would have submitted it a while back when i made it, and because of the great reviews, i promis there will be a new version with better solos soon :) thx again...

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3.68 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2005
5:14 AM EST
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