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A dark, gloomy, suspenesful song to be used in my Phoenix Wright game, which WILL be coming out eventually!

Please note that this song isn't supposed to be very melodic, as it's a background accompaniment intended to be played at very important times throughout the game in order to make the player actually feel nervous or excited. Those who have played the PW series before will hopefully agree with me that this piece is quite similar to the ones used in the real games.

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I can't think of anywhere else to use it but at the very beginning of the game when it actually shows the face of the killer... Also reminds me of Mass Effect for some reason

remotecube responds:

The fact that it reminds you of mass effect is actually a giant compliment - the music from that series was incredible :)

To me, this doesn't sound much like PW.

It sounds pretty cool though. I think it's more like a calm, slightly suspenseful part of Star Fox 64, or maybe a cave in one of the 3D Zelda games.

remotecube responds:

Ah, yeah, I could see both of those situations. :)


This ambient effect holds true to its namesake. Almost reminds me of Mass Effect for some reason. So anyway, if any of you guys are flash animators, and you have a serious scene where something subtle is lurking behind the corners, or some kind of imminent threat is posing itself (For ex: bomb under the table next to a tied up hostage, Hero running to save hostage, clues to a murder take drastic turnabout in case upon discovery of new evidence, etc.) then use this track. It will fit perfectly, trust me. The author mentions that this track will be used a Phoenix Wright fan game. Now that you mention it, this does sound similar to the melody that plays whenever you find startling new evidence. I think it is the same melody, only now, it is Mass Effectisized.

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remotecube responds:

Actually, it's not really the same melody. I love that you think it was, though, because that means I captured the "essence" (if I can use such a retarded sounding word) of the original's at least a little bit. I definitely agree with you that it would fit into all of those situations.

Thanks alot for the review and compliments!

Suspense, rerror, or anxiousness?

I don't know what the song would be used for in which situation, but for backround music, it works well. I can judge if as far as backround music, but not for the game, since I don't know how the game is. It seems a tad empty, like there is that extra soft hardly able to hear melodic system flowing through it that is not there. Otherwise, good job.

remotecube responds:

I agree about the emptiness - that's actually what I wanted for this scenario.

Thank you for the professional review! =)

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