Desolate Symphony

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My first time using EDIROL Orchestral VST.

Please vote and review after listening all the way through,
Thank you.


Very nice.

This was a great submission. Very relaxing and enjoyable. It really reminded me of a song that would be heard in the Final Fantasy games. Probably one that would be used in a sad scene.

That being said, this would probably be a great piece of audio to use in a flash that needed a song to a sad scene. I can imagine the after math of a battle scene where almost everyone is dead and somebody is holding another person in their arms just wondering why it had to be them.

An overall great submission. I think I just may add it to my favorites.

~ Review Request Club ~

jxl180 responds:

Thank you so much! Come to think of it, I believe you added my other classical song (Tragedy at Dawn) to your favorites, as well. lol

video game

this song reminds me of like fanalfantasy music, sweetness!!! It was a good listen. ummm...oh, yeah tips! the song seemed pretty random, but i think that style went well with the name of the song. strong work!

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jxl180 responds:

Thank you!

from the RRC, with all haste and might XP

like the sound of the clarinet :)
but after the nine note play, shorten the decay and start playing it faster

that sound that comes by 0:07, keep the same first rhythmic part, and start raising its volume, at a part you quickly "lower him to silence", but you should actually let the people ear it stop in a non rough way, so add reverb or decay in the last part, do not lower its volume!!!!, just stop playing when you see the volume is good, I'm more incline towards reverb on this.

was that an oboe in the back? I got to say at first sounded good because it started slow, but as clarinet, you shouldn't play long notes, lower its decay as well as any other instrument that lingers long enough

when I say when the volume is good, I mean when the volume is smooth and its good enough to progress with

you progressed with violin or cellos if I'm not that wrong :P

although you could have those doing a long play(no need to move in their decay)
you need a more variated and melodic rhythm with them

in the rhythm creation I can't help much since translating rhythms into words is quite hard :S, thats up too you

the end was ok....but I can't really help you with the rhythm and organization part, since the notes are so long and there are quite the string instrument in the later part that kinda interfere with the interpretation of the song, but in some advice, used variation of sounds, try adding a solo part and a little more complex rhythmic play....but I guess that could apply to many songs :P

if you need more reviews you can directly pm me, I'll give a ten because I actually see potential in the song, so don't let me down on the next you may make ;)
don't take the high pitch string instrument so rough as you did by 1:32

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jxl180 responds:

WOW GREAT REVIEW! I really appreciate the time you spent on writing this. I will refer back to this for my next one!

Thanks again,

i liked it.

it was good for your first try.i have nothing to complain about with this.keep going and your other stuff will be better then this im sue of that.

jxl180 responds:

Thanks for the positive review!

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